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Thus accosted by Rama, the exceedingly energetic Satrughna was powerfully wrought up with bashfulness, and replied slowly :"O lord of men, this doth not appear to be in consonance with morality.

Wherefore, an elder brother existing, wouldst thou install a younger one ?I must, O best of men, do thy behest; for, O exalted one, thy mandate an never be passed by me. O hero, I have heard from thee s well as from the Sruti (touching the morality concerned). When my second brother had already vowed (that he would lay Lavana), I ought not to have returned the answer I actually have.

I saying, I will in battle slay the dreadful Lavana, I have been guilty of an unrighteous speech. And, is for this transgression that, O powerful one, I shall have to undergo this improper process. But, albeit this course is unrighteous and entails perdition, yet desired by my eldest rother, I certainly ought not to make any answer.

And, O Kakutstha, a second answer I would not return ;so that, O bestower of honor, I may not, by a second reply, render myself liable to a fresh punishment. In this matter, O chief of men, I will even do thy desire. Do thou, O descendant of Raghu, so order that sin may not be mine (in having disobeyed thy mandate.

Thus addressed by the heroic and high souled Satrughna, Rama, delighted, spoke unto Bharata nad Lakshmana, "Do you carefully provide the things ecessary for the coronation :this very day shall I install that foremost of men, the descendant of Raghu. And by my order do you summon the Purodhasas, O Kakutstha, and the citizens and the Ritwijas, and the councillors." having received the royal behest, the mighty car warriors did accordingly.

And the Kshatriyas and the Brahmanas. entered the royal mansion with the priest as well as the equisite things for the installation. And then commenced the auspicious sprinkling of the high souled Satrughna, gladdening (the hearts of all in) the palace of Raghava.

And on being installed Kakutstha resembled the Sun ;and he was like Skanda formerly installed by the Devas led by Indra. And when Satrughna had been installed by Rama of untiring deeds, the citizens as well as the Brahmanas of vast Vedic attainments experienced excess of joy. And Kausalya and Sumitra and Kaikeyi and the other wives of the king set up festal salutation in the palace.

And on Satrughna having been installed the high souled sages dwelling on the banks of the Yamuna, thought that Lavana had been slain. Then placing the installed Satrughna on his lap, Raghava, extolling his prowess, addressed him sweet words: "O captor of hostile capitals, this divine arrow never missing is thine. With this, O son of Raghu, thou, O splacid one, wilt slay Lavana.

O Kakutstha, this shaft was forged when invisible by Devas and Asuras the divine self sprung and invincible (deity) reposed on the mighty main, and when creation was oppressed by Madhu and Kaitabha as well as other Rakshasas. He, overwhelmed with rage desirous of creating the three worlds, created this best of arrow invincible to all beings, for the destruction of the wicked ones; and destroyed them in battle by means of this very arrow. And having with this foremost of shafts finished Madhu and Kaitabha, they set about creating the worlds.

When, O Satrughna, formerly I sought to slay Ravana, I did not discharge this arrow, thinking that if discharged, it would inflict great havoc on creatures. Keeping in his abode that great and redoubted which had been bestowed on Madhu by the high souled Tryamvaka, for the destruction of foes, and worshipping the same ever, Lavana goeth about and secureth excellet fare (for himself) when one challengeth him, desirous of reducing him (his antagonist) to ashes. Therefore, O foremost of men, thou shouldst, before enteing the city, stand at the gate obstructing his course.

O thou having long arms, thou shouldst invite him for battle when he shall be weaponless and in that way wouldst be able to destroy him. And by no other means he is to be slain. If thou canst encompass this, he shall forsooth be slain.

O my son, I have thus told thee the way in which the dart would be thwarted. It is impossible to surpass the prowess he graceful Nilakantha.

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