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when the sages had spoken thus, Kakutstha said :"O ascetics, tell me what is the work which I shall have to accomplish in your behalf. Your fear shall be removed.

As Kakutstha was speaking thus, Bhargava remarked !"O lord of men, do thou hear of the origin of the fear that threatens our country. O king, formerly in the Krita age, there was a magnanimous ofspring of Diti, the mighty Asura, Madhu, the eldest son of Lota. He was well disposed towards kahmanas, kind to those seeking his refuge, and gifted with high intelligence.

The exceedingly generous deities delighted in him greatly. And by way of honoring him, Rudra conferred a wonderful boon upon Madhu endowed with prowess and ever intent on religion. And extracting a dart from his own, possessed of terrific energy, endowed with great force, and furnished with exceeding splendour.

that high souled one, well pleased, made it over (to Madhu) and spoke to him. Thou hast practised excellent and unrivalled righteousness, which hath won my good graces., and (therefore), I, highly gratified, bestow on thee this choice weapon.

So long as hou, O mighty Asura, dost not assail Devas and Vipras, so long shall this be thine, otherwise it shall come to naught, deducing to cinders the person that shall rashly enter upon conflict with thee, this dart shall return to thy hand." Having thus obtained the boon from Rudra, the mighty Asura, again bowing to Mahadeva, addressed him, saying :"O reverend one, may this excellent dart be the possession of my family O god, thou art the lord of the immortals. Thereat the lord of all beings, the mighty deity Siva, answered Madhu, when he had spoken thus This will not be.

But in order that thy prayer may not go for nothing, I graciously say in thy behalf that one of thy sons shall sway this dart. So long that dart handed one shall be incapable of being destroyed by any creature. Having obtained this wonderful boon from the god, Madhu foremost of Asuras caused a splendid city to be constructed.

His beloved wife the exalted and majestic Kumbhinasi is the offspring of Viswavasu by Anala. Her son, the highly powerful wicked, and fierce Lavana, ever since his boyhood, gave himself up to a sinful course of life. Seeing his son, committed to an impious course Madhu was overcome with grief, but he did not say anything to him.

And forsaking this world, he entered the region of Varuna ;and making over the dart unto Lavana, communicated to him all about the boon he had obtained. And by virtue of the power of the dart, he oppresseth the three worlds in especial the ascetics; such is the power of Lavana, and such is his dart. Hearing all this O Kakutstha, thou at capable (of righting our wrong!) Thou at our chief resource.

O Rama many a monarch hatb been already sued by the sages, O hero, to deliver them from this fear, but we have not yet found a deliverer. Hearing. O child, that Ravana together with all his forces and vehicles hath been destroyed (by thee), we know that there breathes not another king on earth capable of delivering.

Therefore our prayer is that thou mayst deliver us afflicted with the fear of Lavana. Thus, O Rama, have we acquainted thee with the occasion of fear that hath arisen. Thou art capable of coping with the same.

Do thou of umleteiorated prowess, do the needful."

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