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Hearing the words of Rama the intelligent Lakshmana immediately sent for the dog and informed Rama, who, on beholding it, said "Do thou communicate thy desire unto me; be not afraid.

Thereupon beholding the king Rama, the dog, having his head cut of, said "The king is the protector of animals and their lord. The king is awake when the subjects are asleep and he protects them. By administering the laws properly the king protects piety.

Without his shelter the subjects meet with destruction. The king is the lord and father of the whole universe. He is time, he is Yuga and he is the creation, mobile and immobile.

He is called Dharma because he holdeth all. It is Dharma (virtue) that upholdeth all mankind. It is by Dharma that the three worlds are being preserved.

It is Dharma or virtue that thwarts the enemies. It is virtue that governs the subjects duly. It is for this that virtue is called Dharana or the holder.

The virtue of preservation is the greatest and confers fruits in after life. There is nothing like virtue hard to acquire in this world. Charity, kindness, honoring the pious and innocent conduct constitute the chief virtues ;for by those the well being of this life and the next is brought about.

O Raghava, O thou of firms vows thou art an example of examples. Thou art cognizant of the conduct of the pious. Thou art like an occcan, the refuge of all virtues.

O foremost of kings, out of ignorace, I have spoken unto thee so many things. With my head downwards, I beg for thy satisfaction. Be not ofended with me.

Hearing those wise words of the dog, Rama said "What shall I do for thee Do thou mention it confidentially." Whereto the dog replied, saying "It is by piety that a king governs his kingdom it is by virtue that a king protects his subjects, becomes a refuge unto all and removes the fear of his men. Keeping an eye on this, O Rama do thou hear, what I say.

In the house of a certain Brahman there lives a beggar by the name of Sarvarthasiddha (i.e., who has got "all his desires satisfied).

And although I am innocent, he has for nothing hurt me." Hearing those words Rama sent his messenger who brought Sarvarthasiddha, master of all subjects. Thereupon beholding Rama in the assembly that effulgent and leading twice born one said "O blameless Rama, tell me what I shall do for thee.

Whereto Rama said O twice born one, thou hast hurt this dog. What offence did it commit by thee that thou didst stike it severely with a rod. Anger is an enemy which taketh away life.

Anger is a sweet speeched enemy in the garb of a friend. It is the foremost of passions and like unto a sharp dagger. And it is anger that stealeth away every thing.

It pilfers all that is acquired by asceticism, sacrifices and gifts It is proper therefore by every means to kill anger. Passions are running amock on all sides like so many exceedingly wicked steeds. Being satiated with of all objects of enjoyments it is better to govern them by patience.

By mind, actions, words and eyes a man should engage in the well being of people. He should not injure any body and be not addicted to any thing. The harm, that a mind not under control, can accomplsh, is beyond the range of a sharp dagger, trodden serpent and of an enemy always enraged.

Even the nature of one, who has learnt humility, cannot be trusted. He, who hides his nature, himself reveals his true self." Rama, of unweared actions, having said this, Sarvarthasiddha, the foremost of twice born ones, said "Knocking about whole day for alms I was highly enraged and struck this dog.

It was sitting in the mid way and I asked it again and again to move away. Thereupon, moving away and standing with reluctance, it stood fearfully on the roadside. O descendant of Raghu, I was at that time stricken with hunger, and struck it for its vicious conduct.

O king of kings, I am guilty in this, and thou must punish me. O lord of kings, do thou administer punishment unto me, I shall then be released from the fear of hell." Thereupon, Rama asked all the ministers, saying "What is to be done now ?What punishment is to be inflicted on him ?We can protect subjects, if we can administer punishment proportionate to crime.

Thereat, Bhrigu, Angiras, Kutsa, Vasishta, Kashya and other ascetics, the leading preachers, the ministers, the citizens, and other sages conversant with Sastras, present there, said "A Brahmana should not be punished with death." The sages conversant with laws having said this, the ascetics addressed Rama, saying "O Raghava, a king is the governor of all specially thyself. Thou art the chastiser of the three worlds, the eternal Vishnu.

They all having said this, the dog began "Thou didst solemnly say What shall I do for thee Therefore, if thou art gratified with me, and if thou dost wish to confer boons on me, do thou appoint this Brahmana as the head of family." Thereupon, having been thus honored and pleased and ascending an elephant, he proceeded to occupy his new dignified station. At this, the councillors of Rama, surprised, said "O thou of great effulgence, he has not been punished.

Rather thou hast conferred on him a boon." Hearing the words of ministers, Rama said "You do not know the real truth of the whole thing the dog knows it well." Being accosted by Rama.

the dog said "O Raghava, I was the head of the family of Kalanjava. After the worship of the Devas and Brahmana aid the feasting of the servants, male, and female, I used to take my food. I used to parcel out things duly, and my mind was not in the least attached to sin.

I used to preserve with great care the articles belonging to the tutelary Devas, was humble, good natured and engaged in the well being of all animals. Still I have fallen into this dreadful and wretched condition. O Raghava, this Brahmana is angry by nature, and impious, injures others, and is impatient, cruel, harsh in words and ignorant, and therefore shall degrade his seven generations up and down.

He will by no means be able to discharge the duties of a head of a family. He, whom thou wishest to take to hell with her son, beasts and fiends, should be engaged in the serving the Brahmans and kine. For all his good actions, he is slain who steals the wealth of a Brahmana, a deity, a woman, and a boy,and the riches given away by him.

O Raghava,one who pilfers the riches of a Brahmana or a deity falls into a hell called Vichi. Even he who thinks in his mind of stealing it,goes once and again into hell." Hearing the words of the dog, the eyes of the effulgent Rama were expanded with surprise.

The dog went back from where it had come. In its pristine bith the dog was high minded it is now cursed for being born in a degraded state of existence. Thereupon, repairing at last to Varanasi the dog took the vow of fasting.

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