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Therupon having performed the morning rites the lotus eyed Rama, in the early morning, sat on his royal throne and in the company of Brahmanas and citizens enaged in looking into state affairs. The assembly consisted of the priest Vasishta, the saint Kashyapa, ministers well versed in politics, other religious preceptors, moralists, members and kings.

The assembly of Rama, of unwearied, actions appeared like that of Mahendra, Yama and Varuna. Rama said to Lakshmana, gifted with auspicious marks "O O Saumitri having long arms, do thou proceed to the city gate to receive those who have come here for business." According to Rama s command Lakshmana, gifted with auspicious mark, arrived at the gate and called those who had come there for business.

But none said that he had been brought there by any business. For there was neither deseasenor provety in the kingdom. During Rama s regeme,.

the earth was filled with corns and Asadhis. Children, youngmen and middle aged people did not meet with death. The earth was governed piously so there was no obstacle.

Thus during the administration of Rama none was seen who wanted justice. Lakshmana, with folded hands, said to Rama, "None has come for business." Thereat, Rama, with a delighted heart, replied "Do thou go, O Saumitri, and see if any one has come for business.

Royal policy if properly adopted, impiety can stand nowhere. It is for the fear of the king that people protect one another. And although laws, instituted by me are protecting the subjects like so many arrows, still,, O thou having long arms, do thou be engaged in governing the subjects.

Being thus addressed Lakshmana issued out of the house and saw that a dog was waiting at the gate. Casting its looks around it was again and again barking. Beholding it in that plight the valiant Lakshmana said "O generous sir, what business has brought thee hither do thou relate it conidentially.

Heaing the words of Lakshmana the dog replied "I wish to relate it unto Rama, of unwearied actions,who is the refuge of all creatures and who declares fearlessness unto all. Hearing the words of the dog Lakshmana entered the beautiful palace to relate it unto Rama. And having communicated it unto Rama he issued out and said to the dog "If thou hast anything true to speak thou mayst come and communicate it unto the king.

Hearing the words of Lakshmana the dog said "We cannot enter into the houses of divinities, kings and Brahmanas nor can we go there where is fire, Indra, the sun or the wind, for we are the vilest born ;so I cannot enter there. For king is the personification of virtue and specially the king Rama is truthful, well versed in the science of fighting and ever engaged in the welfare of all beings. He is perfectly cognizant of where the six qualities are to be applied master of morality, knoweth all, seeth all and the best of beautiful.

He is the moon, death, Yama, Kubera, the giver of riches, fire, Indra, the sun and Varuna. O Saumitri, do thou go and communicate unto the king protecting his subjects that without his permission I do not wish to go there." Thereupon the highly effulgent and noble minded Lakshmana entered the palace and said to Rama "O thou having long arms, O thou the enhancer of Kausalya s joy I have communicated thine orders I shall relate shortly everything regarding that ;do thou hear.

That dog, as a beggar, is waiting at the gate for thy commands." Whereto Rama replied "Bring him speedily here who is waiting at the gate for business."

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