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And as clouds assail a mountain with showers, then the Rakshasas, representing clouds, setting up shouts, began to assail Narayana representing a mountain. And Vishnu of a bright brown blue hue, being surrounded by the lower of the night rangers with dark visages, resembled the mountain, Anjana, on which the clouds pour down.

And as locusts (flood) a field, knats (throng) about a flame, gad flies (cluster) around a pot of honey, or makaras (range) the deep, so the shafts shot by the bows of the Rakshasa, having (the energy of) the thunder bolt and endowed with (the velocity of) the wind or thought, pierce Hari as if at the universal dissolution. And those mounted on cars (assailed him) with their cars, and those mounted on the backs of elephants (assailed him) with their elephants, and those riding horses (assailed him) with their horses, and the foot soldiers attacked him, stationed in the sky ;and the foremost of Rakshasas resembl ing mountains, by means of dats, rishtis and tomaras, suspended the respiration of Hari even as the Pranayama doth that of a twice born one. On being sore tied by the night rangers, like the great Ocean by the fishes (residing in it), that invincible one, taking his Sarnga, showered shafts among the Rakshasas.

And with sharpened arrows resembl ing the thunder, and endowed with the velocity of the wind, shot from his bow drawn to its fullest stretch, Vishnu cut of Rakshasas() by hundreds and by thousands. And dashing away (the Rakshasa ranks) with his arrowy shower, even as the wind aroused dasheth away a downpour, that best of male beings blew his mighty conch Panchajanya. And winded by Hari with his utmost might, that water sprung king of conchs, endowed with terrific blares, roared, as if afflicting the three worlds.

And the sounds of that king of conchs struck terror into the Rakshasas, even as in a mighty forest a lion (strikes terror into the heats of) elephants in rut. And thereat the horses could not keep their ground, and the elephants were reft of their temporal low, and shorn of their virtue at the roars of the conch, heroes began to topple down from their cars. And dight with dainty feathered parts having heads, the shafts discharged from the Sarnga, resembling thunder bolts, riving those Rakshas, entered the earth.

And in that conflict, pierced by the arrows discharged from Narayana s arm, the Rakshasas began to drop to the ground like mountains struck with the thunder bolt. And the wounds on the persons of the foes inlicted by the discus of Vishnu discharge blood in streams, like mountains discharging streams of red chalk. And the sounds of that king of conchs, as well as those of the Sarnga, combined with the roars emitted by Vishnu himself, swallowed up the roars of the Rakshasas.

And Hari by means of his shafts cut of their necks, and arrows, and standards, and bows, and cars, and ensigns, and quivers. And like fierce rays streaming about from the sun, like torrents dashing from the ocean, like elephants coming adown a mountain, or like showers descend ing from clouds, the shafts shot by Narayana pursue (the foes) by hundreds and by thousands. And even as an elephant pursueth a tiger, a tiger a wolf, a wolf a dog, a dog a cat, a cat a snake, or a snake a rat, so the mighty Vishnu pursueth the Rakshasa host ;and others, (struck down by him), measure their lengths on the ground.

Then, having despatched thousands of Rakshasas, the destroyer of Madhu blew his water sprung (conch), even as the sovereign of the Devas filleth clouds (with rain). And agitated by the arrows of Narayana, with their senses bewildered by the blares of the conch, the broken Rakshasa forces made for Lanka. And on the Rakshasa army having been broken in consequence of the beating it got at the hands of Narayana, Sumali with showers of shafts resisted Hari in the encounter; and as a mist envelopes the Sun, he envoloped him (with his arrows).

Thereat, the Rakshasas again summoned up their fotitude. And fired with rage, that Rakshasa, inlated with insolence on account of his strength, setting up a tremendous roar, darted at his antagonist in the conflict, thereby seeming to revive the Rakshasas. And as an elephant lourishes its trunk, that Rakshasa, lifting up his arm adorned with ornaments, began to roar from rapture, like a mass of clouds lighted up with lightning.

And Vishnu() cut of the head flaming with ear rings of the charioteer of the shouting Sumali ;and thereat the horses of that Rakshasa aimlessly strayed hither and thither. And with his bewildered steeds Sumali wanders like a person deprived of patience, whose senses are under a hallucination. And on Sumali s car being drawn at random by his steeds, Mali, taking his bow and equipped therewith, dated at Vishnu s car and assailed that mighty armed one as he was descending on the field of fight.

And like birds entering the Krauncha, the arrows discharged from Mali s bow, graced with gold, hit Hari and entered (into his body). And thereat, as a person holding his senses under subjection is not thrown out of his mental balance, Vishnu, assailed in that encounter with thousands of arrows shot by Mali, was not disturbed ever so little. And then that creator of all beings, the reverend Gadadhara.

twanging his bow string, showered vollies of shafts on Mali. And getting at Mali s body, the arrows furnished with the luminousness of lightning, drink his blood, like unto serpents drinking nectar. And baling Mali, the holder of the conch, discus, and mace, brought down Mali s crown, standard, bow and steeds.

And then that foremost of night rangers, on being deprived of his car, sprang forward, mace in hand, even as a lion bounds up from the brow of a hillock. And he with his mace smote at the forehead of that lord of birds, even as the Destroyer had smitten Isana, or as Indra smiteth a mountain with his thunder bolt. On being severely struck by Mali with his mace, Garura, writhing in torments, moved the god away from the field of battle.

On the god having been removed from the field by Mali as well as Garura, there arose a mighty din of Rakshas roaring (in chorus). And hearing the cheers of the Rakshas, Indra s younger brother, the reverend Hari, sitting awry on that lord of birds, albeit moved of from the scene of conflict, waxing enraged, from a desire of slaying Mali() hurled his disc at him. And thereat the disc, possessed of the splendour of the solar disc, and resembling the wheelf itself of Kala, flooding all the heavens with radiance, brought down Mali s head to the ground.

And that head of the lord of Rakshasas, terrific to behold, on being cut of (by Vishnu), vomitting blood, fell down before (the Rakshasas), as formerly Rahu s head had fallen. And then the deities expeiencing excess of joy set up leonine cheers with might and main, crying, Excellent, O god. Seeing Mali slain, Sumali and Malyavan, burning in grief, led precipitately towards Lanka along with their forces.

And Garura, being cheered, turned round, and growing enraged, as before drove the Rakshasas with the wind of his wings. And (some) with their lotus faces cut by the discus, (some) with their chests crushed with the mace, (some) with their necks torn off by the plough, (some) with their heads riven by the club, and some hewn by the sword, and others pierced by arrows, the Rakshasas began to drop fast from the sky into the waters of the ocean. And as the thunder bolt with lightning(riveth) a mightymass of clouds, Narayana by moans of the thunder bolts of his arrows discharged from his bow, rived the night rangers with their hair dishevelled and streaming (in the wind).

And the forces having their umbrellas rent, their arms falling of, their goodly garments scattered, their entrails coming out and their eyes rolling, became incapable of distinguishing their own party from that of the foe. And even like (the roars and the vehemence) displayed by elephants on being attacked by lions, the roars anil the vehemence of the night rangers and their elephants, sore assailed by the Primaeval Lion, were equal. And driven by Hari s networks of arrows, and discharging (all the while) their own showers of shafts, those night rangers resembling the clouds of doom, are driven like the veritable clouds of the universal dissolution drifted by the wind.

And hewn in twain with swords, the foremost Rakshasas fell like unto hills (toppling headlong). And the Earth was seen to be (covered) with night rangers resembling lark clouds, adorned with jewelled necklaces and ear rings, falling down, as if covered with dark mountains dropping down."

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