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And having said this, Lakshmana, the slayer of enemies, burning in his native effulgence, said "O foremost among kings, this ancient account of the ascetic Vasishta and king Nimi is highly surprising and wonderful.

But as a Kshatriya king and a hero besides although revived he did not forgive the high souled Vasishta." Thus accosted Rama, the Kshatriya chief, said to the great Lakshmana conversant with all Sastras "O hero, forgiveness is not to be seen in all men. O Saumitri, do hear attentively, the unbearable anger which was born by the king Yayati resorting to the quality of goodness.

Yayati, the enhancer of the prosperity of cities, was the son of Nahusha. He had two beautiful wives, one of them was Sarmishtha, grand daughter of Aditi, the daughter Vrishaparva. She was the more beloved of the two ;his other spouse was Devayani, grand daughter of Usanas.

She was not liked by her husband. Both of them gave bith to a son each and both the sons were beautiful and attentive. Puru was born of Sarmishtha and Yadu of Devayani.

Puru was the favourite son of the king, both on account of his mother and of his personal graces. Thereat Yadu, greatly sorry, said to his mother "Born in the race of the illustrious Bhargava of unwearied actions, thou art going through mental afflictions and unbearable insults; therefore, O mother, let us both enter into fire. Let the king spend many nights with Sarmishtha the daughter of an Asura.

Thou mayst withstand the insults but I shall never brooke them. Permit me, I shall, in sooth, renounce my life." The son having, weepingly and distressingly, said this, Devayani was greatly enraged and thought of her father.

As soon as he was thought of by his daughter Bhargava speedily came there and beholding her senseless and deprived from joy said Daughter", whatisthe matter ?"The effulgentfather having addressed his daughter repeatedly in this wise, Devayani, enraged, replied "O foremost of ascetics, I shall either enter into fire water or drink poison by no means I shall preserve this life of mine. Thou dost not know of the miseries and insults I have been subject to. O Brahman, when a tree is neglected, those who live thereon are also distressed.

The king having disregarded me, forsooth thou hast also been neglected." Hearing the words of his daughter, Bhargava, enraged said to the king Yayati "Thou art vicious minded, O son of Nahusha ;thou hast dishonored me and therefore in thy youth thou shalt be subject to decrepitude and infirmities of age." Having thus imprecated the curse and consoled his sorrowful daughter the highly illustrious rishi Bhargava repaired to his own habitation.

Having thus conferred solace unto his daughter, that leading Brahman, effulgent as the sun, returned therefrom.

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