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HEARING this wonderful and heaven]v theme Lakshmana was highly gratified and said to Rama "O Kakuthstha, how did that twice born, one worshipped by the Devas and the king regain their bodies, after being bodiless." Hearing the words of Lakshmana, Rama, having truth for his prowess, began to relate the story of Vasishta.

"O foremsot of Raghus, there spang up two foremost Brahmin saints, from the vital energy discharged by the high souled Mitra and Varuna into the pot. At first therefrom rose up the illustrious Rishi Agastya and saying I am not thine son" went away leaving Mitra. Before the vital energy of Varuna was thrown into the pot Mitra discharged his own on Urvasi s account which was the source of Agastya s birth.

Into the pot in which Mitra s energy was discharged Varuni also put his own, and both the energies were mixed up. Thereupon after some time from the energies of both Mitra and Varuna sprang up the effulgent Vasishta the priest of Ikshwakus. O gentle one, the highly effulgent Ikshwaku appointed that blameless Rishi as the priest of our family as soon as he was born.

I have thus described tb you the story of Vasishta s birth possessing a wonderful body. Hear now what befell the king Nimi. And beholding the king Nimi bodiless the intelligent Rishi initiated him into the rites of sacrifice.

And those leading twice born ones, with assembled citizens and servants, began to protect that body with unguents, garlands and clothes. Thereupon at the end of the sacrifice Bhrigu said "O king, I am propitiated with thee ;I shall restore thee to senses." Thereupon the Devas, highly pleased, addressed the consciousness of Nimi saying "O royal saint, do thou accept boons ;where shall we place thy consciousness ?"Thereupon being addressed by the Devas the consciousness said "I may live in the eye of the Devas.

They agreed to it and said "O lord of earth, for thee, their eyes shall be influenced within a moment. The exhaustion, that their eyes shall experience on account of thy moving about as the air, shall be removed within this moment." Having said this the Devas repaired to thew respective quaters and the high souled Rishis conveyed Nimi s body to the sacrificial ground and dedicated it as an edy began to churn it with great energy accompanied by incantations.

They being thusengaged inchurning the edy for the purpose of having a son of Nimi sprang up a son of devout austerities. He was called Mandhata?? for he originated from Manthana ;he was called Janaka for his having sprung up from Janan and Vaideha having been born from Videha. In this wise Janaka, the king of Videhas, was born.

His other name was Maithila?? and his family were celebrated as Maithilas. O pure one, I have thus related unto thee the wondrous births, in consequence of the curse, of the great ascetic Vasishta and the royal saint Nimi.

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