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"I have thus given unto thee in account of the curse imprecated on Nriga.

Listen, if dost thou wish to hear of any other theme." Rama having said this Lakshmana replied "I am not satiated with the account of those wonderful stories, O king." Hearing the reply of Lakshmana, Rama, the descendant of Ikshwaku, began again with themes instinct with morality "There lived a highly pious and powerful king by the name of Nimi.

He was the twelfth of Ikshwaku s sons. That powerful king made a picturesque city like that of the Devas near the hermitage of Gautama. The name of that beautiful city was Vaijayanta and the highly illustrious royal saint used to live there.

Having thus reared a highly picturesque city he thought of worshipping the deity bycelebrating asacrifice for the satisfaction of his sire. Having thus resolved and invited his sire Ikshwaku the son of Manu, he first welcomed the celestial saint. Nimi the descendant of Ikshwaku, then welcomed the saints Atri, Angiras and Bhrigu having asceticism for their wealth.

Thereupon Vasishta said to Nimi, the foremost of royal saints "I have already been engaged by Indra. Do thou therefore wait as long as his sacrifice is not finished there." After the departure of Vasishta the great Gautama engaged in the satisfaction of Vasistha s duties.

And the high souled Vasishta too engaged in Indra ssacrifice. On theother hand having united all the Brahmans the great king began to celebrate the sacrifice extending over fivethousand years near his city by the side of the Himalaya. Thereupon having finished the sacrifice of Indra there came to the King, the blameless and the illustrious Rishi Vasishta.

Finding Gautama engaged in his room he was exceedingly enraged. Thereupon he waited there for some time to see the King. On that day the royal saint Nimi was deeply asleep.

And not beholding the King the high souled Vasishta was greatly angry and said; Since thou hast, O King, engaged another neglecting me, thy body shall remain senseless." thereupon hearing the curse of Vasishta, the king got up. here beside himself with fire he said I was unconscious in sleep still soiled with anger thou hast hurled the fiery curse against me like the second rod of Yama.

Therefore, O ascetic, thy person shall remain senseless for a long time. That king and the ascetic having thus imprecated one another under the influence of anger, they immeiately were deprived of their bodies.

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