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Being thus requested by the high souled Lakshmana, Sumantra began to reveal the mystery of Durvasa s account "In the days of yore the great ascetic Durvasa, the son of Atri, resided for a year in the holy hermitage of Vasishta. At that time thy sire, the highly effulgent and illustious Dasaratha, with a view to see his high souled priest Vasishta, repaired there. He saw the great ascetic Durvasa, burning like the sun in his efulgence, seated on the right hand side of Vasishta.

Thereupon he humbly saluted those two leading ascetics. And they too, welcoming him, received him duly with seat, water to wash feet, Arghya, fruits and roots. Then he lived there in the company of the ascetics.

Thereupon during the noon, all those ascetics, seated there, began to dwell upon various pleasant topics. During an interval Dasaratha, with folded hands and uplifted arms, said to the high souled son of Atri Durvasa, having asceticism for his wealth. "O illustrious Sir, how long shall my family remain in existence ?What is the extent of the lease of life granted to Rama and my other sons ?How long shall the descendants of Rama live ?And what shall be the end of my race ?Do thou relate all this unto me.

Hearing the words of the king Dasaratha the highly effulgent Durvasa replied "Hear, the early history, O king. During the encounter between the Devas and Asuras, the Asuras, being remonstrated with by the Devas sought shelter of the wife of Bhrigu thy priest. Bhrigu s wife having promised them help they lived there fearlessly.

Having beheld the Asuras thus helped by Bhrigu s wife, Hari, the king of the Devas, enraged, chopped of her head with his sharp discus. And angry on beholding his wife slain, Bhrigu, imprecated a curse on Vishnu, the slayer of enemies race, saying "Being beside thyself with anger thou hast slain my wife, not worthy of being killed ;therefore, O Janardana, thou shalt be born in the region of mortals. And there thou shalt remain separated from thy spouse for many long years.

Having imprecated this curse, Bhrigu was greatly pained and being propitiated by his adoration, Vishnu, fond of disciples, said "Having slain Ravana and others, I shall be, for the behoof of mankind, subject to this imprecation." O bestower of kings, the highly effulgent Vishnu, thus imprecated by Bhrigu in the days of yore, hath been born as thy son in this birth and hath been celebrated under the appellation of Rama. O conferer of honors, for sooth shall Rama partake of the fruits of Bhrigu s curse.

He shall reign in Ayodhya for a long time. All his followers shall be happy and prosperous. Having reigned for eleven thousand years Rama shall repair to the region of Brahma.

None shall be able to vanquish him. He shall celebrate many a horse sacrifice with profuse gifts and shall establish many royal families. He shall beget on Sita two sons.

Having thus related unto Dasaratha the past and future of his family the highly effulgent great ascetic Durvasa became silent. He being silent the great King Dasaratha, having bowed unto the two high souled ascetics, again returned to his city Ayodhya. I had heard there all these words of the great ascetic Durvasa.

Up to this time they are lying in my heart. Rishis words shall never pove fruitless. According to the words of Rishi Rama shall install two sons of Sita in Ayodhya, not anywhere else.

Under these circumstances, O Lakshmana, thou shouldst not grieve for Sita or Rama; in their interest do thou become patient." Hearing those wonderous words of the charioteer Sumantra, Lakshmana became greatly happy and eulogised him again and again ?They thus conversing with one another on their way back, the sun set. They accordingly spent that night on the banks of Kesini.

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