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BEHOLDING the great ascetic Valmiki thus conducting Sita into his own hermitage Lakshmana s heart was bewildered with grief.

Thereupon he said to the expert charioteer Sumantra. "Do thou perceive Rama s grief consequent upon the separation from Sita. His spouse the daughter of Janaka, is perfectly pure ;what can be more painful than that Rama is living alone having renounced her ?It is clear unto me, O Sumantra, that this separation of Rama, hath been brought about by the influence of destiny for it is hard to get over accident.

Even that Rama, who, when enraged, is capable of slaying the Devas, Gandharvas, Asuras and Rakshasas, hath been engaged in the worship of destiny. Formerly did Rama go through miseries, residing in the forest of Dandaka, at the command of his sire for fourteen years. But this banishment of Sita appears to me as exceedingly painful and most ruthless.

O charioteer, the opinion of the citizens is by no means just; consequently what shall we gain by performing such a bad action for fame as the exile of Sita ?"Hearing those words of Lakshmana, the wise Sumantra reverentially replied "Be not aggrieved for Sita, O Saumitri Formerly in the presence of thy sire the Brahmanas related this account of Sita s exile. Rama shall be deprived of all happiness and be separated from his dear wife; what more, the virtuous souled Rama, having long arms, shall, under the influence of time, renounce thee, Sita, Satrughna and Bharata. O Lakshmana, when Durvasa was addressed by the king Dasaratha as to thy future he replied in the above way.

I have told thee the same. Do thou not communicate this unto Satrughna, Bharata or any body. O foremost of men, Durvasa said this unto Dasaratha before me, Vasishta and other great men.

Heaing the words of Rishi, Dasaratha, the foremost of men, said unto me, "O charioteer, do not reveal this secret to any body." O gentle one, it is not proper by any means to falsify the words of the king Dasaratha. I shall always, very carefully, carry out his orders.

It is not proper to reveal this mystery before thee. Still I do so for thy curiosity hath been greatly excited. Though this mystery was communicated formerly by the king Dasaratha and though it is not proper to reveal it to any body, still I express it before thee that thou mayst not, on hearing it, be worked up with sorrow ;for destiny is hard to be got over.

And it is by the influence of that destiny that thou hast met with such a sorrow and grief. However, do thou not reveal this secret unto Satrughna and Bharata." Hearing these grave and important words of Sumantra, Lakshmana ordered him to relate.

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