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Hearing the ruthless words of Lakshmana,the of Janaka, greatly sorry, fell down on earth. And senseless for some time, Sita, with her eyes full of tears said to Lakshmana "Forsooth, O Lakshmana, the great Dispenser hath created this body to suffer miseries; and all my afflictions are manifest in form today. Methinks; I committed a mighty iniquity in my pristine existence or brought about separation between a husband and wife and for that Rama hath renounced me albeit I am pure and chaste.

O son of Sumitra, the affliction of residing in the forest appeared to me as pleasure ere this for I knew that I would be able to serve Rama s feet. But how shall I O gentle one, live in the hermitage being divorced from all my kith and kin ?And being afflicted to whom shall I express my sorrow ?What reply shall I offer unto the ascetics when they shall ask me Child"; why hath the high souled Raghava renounced thee ?What sin hast thou committed O Saumitri, I shall just renounce my life in the waters of Jahnavi ?But I desist from this for it shall bring about the termination O my husband s race. O Saumitri, do thou carry out the orders thou hast received.

By renouncing this wretched wight do thou satisfy the King s orders. But hear, what I say. Without making any distinction do thou in my name with folded hands, bow unto my mothers in law and then ask the well being of the kingdom.

Thereupon saluting the pious King do thou address him, in my name, saying: Thou knowest O Raghava that Sita is pure, ever devoted unto thee and engaged in thy well being. She knows it full well, that afraid of a bad name thou hast renounced her. It is her duty to put a stop to thy ill name and censure ;for thou art her excellent refuge.

Do thou tell further more that king established in righteousness to treat the citizens as his brothers, to acquire piety by protecting his subjects duly for this is the greatest morality and by this may be acquired excellent fame. Tell him that I am not sorry for my person my greatest sorrow is that the citizens have vilified me. Husband is a woman s god, her friend and spiritual guide.

It is proper therefore to work out husband s well being even at the sacrifice of life. Do thou, O Lakshmana,communicate it in short unto Rama in my name.Do thou go now and beholdthe signs of pregnancy are manifest in me.

Sita having said this, Lakshmana, with a bewildered heart, saluted her touching the ground with his head. He could not speak more. Thereupon bewailing aloud and circumambulating her, he, meditating a little, said.

"What art thou speaking unto me, O worshipful dame ?O thou having no sin, up to this time I have not seen any potion of thy beautiful person but feet. This is a solitary forest and besides the worship ful Rama, is not present here. Under these circumstances how can I cast looks upon thee ?"Having addressed Sita in this wise Lakshmana again sent for a boat and ascending it ordered the boatmen to go.

Thereupon having reached the other side and being beside himself with sorrow and grief he speedily ascended the car. And casting his looks behind while proceeding he espied that Sita, on the other side of the Ganges, was roving wildly like one having none to look after her. Looking again and again when Sita saw that Lakshmana and the chariot have gone beyond the range of her vision, she became overwhelmed with anxiety and grief.

Being sunk in grief and pressed down with the weight of sorrow on not beholding Rama, the foremost of the illustrious, the chaste Sita began to cry; in the forest resounded with the notes of peacocks.

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