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Having sent away his friends and determined what to do, Rama, the delight of the Raghus, commanded the warder, who was seated hard by, saying: Do thou speedily bring here, Lakshmana the son of Sumitra and gifted with auspicious marks, the great Bharata and the irrepressible Satrughna." Hearing the words of Rama and placing his folded palms on his head the warder reached the house of Lakshmana and unobstructed entered therein. And having saluted him, with folded palms he said to the high souled Lakshmana "The King wishes to behold thee do thou soon go there.

"Thereupon being apprised of Raghava s command and saying so be it, Saumitri ascended his car and went speedily towards Rama s abode. Having beheld Lakshmana s departure the warder humbly went to Bharata and having blessed him with folded hands said: "The King wishes to see thee." Hearing of the command of Rama from the warder, the highly powerful Bharata at once got up from his seat and proceeded on foot.

Seeing Bharata s departure the warder speedily went to Satrughna and with folded hands said: Do thou come, O foremost Raghus, the King wisheth to behold thee." Hearing the words of the warder Satrughna lowered his head and rising up speedily proceeded to Rama. Thereupon returning, the warder, with folded hands, communicated unto Rama, the arrivals of his brothers.

So long Rama was engaged poorly in anxious meditation with his crown bent downwards. Informed of the princes arrival he commanded the warder, "Do thou soon bring the pinces here. My.

life depends upon them. They are my dearest life." Having obtained Rama s command, the princes, clothed in white raiment, entered there, with folded palms and quiescent mind.

Having entered there they saw that Rama s countenance was shorn of beauty like unto the moon possessed by Rahu, the setting sun and the withered lotus and his eyes were full of tears. Having approached him quickly, and salutedhisfeetthey anxiously sat there.Thereupon having wiped of his tears and embraced them with his arms he raised up the princes and pressed them to take their seats.

Thereupon he said "You are mine all; you constitute my life; O princes, I am governing the kingdom gained by you; you are all learned, pious and intelligent. Do ye follow the duties I point out." Rama, the descendant of Kakustha having said this, they, with anxiety and attention, awaited the orders of the king.

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