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Having bade adieu unto Rikshas, Vanaras and Rakshasas the long armed Rama began to live happiiy in the company of his brothers. Thereupon he and his brothers heard from the air the following sweet accents: O gentle Rama, do thou with a delighted countenance behold me. O lord, know me as Pushpaka coming from the abode of Kubera.

O foremost of men, at thy command I did go there to carry him. But he said to me Having slain the irrepressible Ravana in battle the high souled Rama, the foremost of men, hath conquered thee. I have greatly been delighted on the destruction of the vicious souled Ravana, with his relatives, sons and friends.

O gentle one, the great Rama hath conquered thee in Lanka: I permit thee, therefore to convey him. Thou at the it conveyance for traversing all regions. But my earnest desire is that thou shouldst take Rama, the descendant of Raghu.

Do, thou therefore go there at pleasure without any sorrow. Hearing this command of the high souled Kubera I have come to thee. Do thou fearlessly accept me.

I am above the conquest of all the worlds. At the command of Kubera I shall valiantly traverse all regions carrying out your behests" Hearing the words of Pushpaka, the highly powerful Rama said to the returning car stationed in the welkin "O foremost of cars, Pushpaka, if such be the case, do thou come here ;while the lord of wealth hath commanded thus, I. will not be blameable for bad character.

Having said this and worshipped it with dried paddy, fragrant flowers and incense, Rama, having long arms, addressed Pushpaka "Do thou go now and come here whenever I shall remember thee. While proceeding by the welkin, O gentle one, be not sorry for our separation. And be not obstructed in thy course whilst traversing all the quarters.

Having been adored by Rama and saying so be it Pushpaka proceeded towards its wished for direction. And the holy Pushpaka car having thus vanished, Bharata, with folded palms, said to Rama, the delight of Raghus O hero, duing thy divine administration, we have seen many inhuman creatures and objects speak like men. During all these months since thy installation subjects have not suffered from any disease.

Even the most aged animals have not met with death. The female, without any risk, have been giving birth to children and all people are plump and delighted. Th delight of the citizens hath been greatly increased, O king.

Indra bath been pouring nectar like showers in due time. The wind is always delightful and wholesome. O king of men, the inhabitants of the city and provinces are all saying "we may have for ever such a king.

Hearing those sweet accents given vent to by Bharata, Rama, the foremost of kings was greatly delighted.

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