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In this wise, the Vanaras, Rikshas and Rakshasas spent their days in Ayodhya. Thereupon the highly effulgent Rama, the descendant of Raghu said to Sugriva :"O gentle one, proceeding to the city of Kishkindha, hard to be got at by the Devas and Asuras, do thou reign there undisturbed with thy councillors. O thou having long arms, always look towards Angada, with loving eyes.

Do thou, O Sugriva, protect lovingly the highly powerful Hanuman, Nala, thy father in law Sushena, the mighty Tara, irrepressible Kumada, the powerful Neela, the heroic Satabali, Mainda, Dvivida, Gaya, Gavaksha, Gavaya, Sarava, the irresprcssible and powerful king of Rikshas Jambavan, Gandhamadana, valiant Rishava, Supatala, Kesari, Sarabha and Sumbha these and other heroic Vanaras who dedicated their lives to my service. Do thou never act to ther displeasure." Having said this and embraced Sugriva again and again Rama addressed Vibhishana with sweet accents.

"I know, thou art cognizant of piety ;the citizens, thy councillors and thy brother Kubera also love thee; do thou therefore go and govern Lanka piously, O king; never cherish any vile intention ;the honest kings always enjoy the earth. And my only request to thee, O king, is that thou mayst with love remember me and Sugriva. Do thou now proceed, divested of sorrow.

Hearing the words of Rama, the bears, Vanaras and Rakshasas repeatedly exclaimed glory unto Rama and said "O Rama, having long arms, thy understanding resembleth that of the Self Sprung, thy prowess is equally wonderful and thy beauty is also par excellence." The Vanaras and Rakshasas having said this, Hanuman bowing, said unto Rama "May my loving reverence be always in thee, O king; may my devotion unto thee remain unshaken, O hero; and may my mind be not attached unto any other thing. May my life remain in my body as long as the stories of Rama shall be in currency on earth.

Let not this prove otherwise. O foremost of men, O descendant of Raghu, may the Apsaras make me always hear of thy themes. O hero, as the winds scatter the clouds so I shall remove my anxiety by listening to thy nectar like themes.

After Hanuman had said this, Rama rose up from his throne and having embraced Hanuman afectionately said, "O foremost of Vanaras, what thou hast said, shall undoubtedly be caried out into action. As long as my stories shall be current on earth thy fame shall exist and life shall be in thy body. And as long as the world shall exist my themes shall be related.

I cannot, even at the sacrifice of my life, release myself from the debts of one good service out of the many, thou hast done for me, 0 Vanara ;and I shall for ever remain indebted to thee for thy last benefaction. Or let them wear out in me, for men, at the time of danger, become worthy of having their beneits returned." Having said this, Rama took off from his neck a chain set with sapphires brilliant as the rays of the moon and placed it round the neck of Hanuman.

Like unto the mountain Sumeru beautified by the rising of the moon on its summit, Hanuman, the foremost of Vanaras, appeared graceful with the chain placed on his breast. And hearing the words of Raghava, the highly powerful Vanaras, one by one, saluted Rama, touching his feet and went away. Both Sugriva and the virtuous souled Vibhishana embraced Rama and three of them were beside themselves with tears.

And other Vanaras and Rakshasas were all moved with tears and sorrow to take leave of Rama. Having received favours thus from the high souled Raghava the Vanaras went away to their own houses like unto bodied creatures leaving of their bodies. Thereupon the Rakshasas, bears, Vanaras, having bowed unto Rama, the glory of the Raghu family and with their eyes full of tears consequent upon his separation, went away to the countries from which they had hailed.

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