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Having agitated the earth with thousands of elephants and horses the kings proceeded to various quarters. And having prepared to help Rama many Akshauhini soldiers with manny steeds waited at Ayodhya at the command of Bharata.

Those kings, proud and powerful, spoke to one another We could not face Ravana the enemy of Rama; Bharata did uselessly invite us after the destruction of Ravana. Had they brought us earlier, we would, forsooth, have slain him. We would have, on the other side of the ocean, well protected by the prowess of Rama and Lakshmana, and freed from all disturbances, fought at pleasure.

Being thus delighted, those assembled pinces proceeded to their respective kingdoms, dwelling on these and various other topics. And. having arrived at their celebrated cities, unscathed, abounding in delighted people, wealth, crops and jewels they sent various presents of jems to Rama for his satisfaction.

Besides this they made over to him innumerable horses, conveyances, infuriated elephants, sandal, excellent ornaments, jewels, pearls, corals, beautiful female servants and various cars. And taking all those jewels, the highly power ful Bharata, Lakshmana and Satrughna returned to their own city. Having arrived at the picturesque city Ayodhya those foremost of men, made presents of various jewels unto Rama.

Having delightedly accepted those gifts Rama in return made presents of them unto the successful king Sugriva, Vibhishana and other Rakshasas and Vanaras by whose help he had achieved victory. And those highly powerful Vanaras and night rangers wore on their heads and arms those jewels conferred on them by Rama. Having placed on his lap the long armed Angada and Hanuman, the mighty car warrior the lotus eyed Rama said to Sugriva Angada" is thy good son and Hanuman is thy wise councillor.

O Sugriva, these are always engaged in my well being and in giving me good counsels. For thee, therefore, O king of Vanaras, I should honor them in various ways." Having said this, the illustrious Rama took of from his arms valuable ornaments and adorned Angada and Hanuman therewith.

Thereupon having welcomed and casting loving looks upon the highly powerful and leading Vanaras such as Neela, Kesarin, Kumuda, Gandhamadana, Sushena, Panasa, Mainda, Dvivida, Jambavan, Gabaksha, Dhuara, Baleemukha, Prajaghna, Saunada, Dariimukha, Dadhimuka, Indrajanu and others, he addressed them all in sweet accents, saying: You are all my friends like unto my limbs and brothers. O ye inhabitants of forests, you have saved me from the ocean of danger. Blessed is the king Sugriva and blessed are the friends like yourselves".

Saying this Rama, the foremost of men, conferred upon them duly many precious clothes and ornaments and embraced them all. The Vanaras lived there all happily feasting on fragrant honey, well cooked meat and various fruits and roots. In this way they spent more than a month but it appeared to them at a moment on account of their devotion unto Rama.

He, too also spent his time happily with Vanaras assuming shapes at will, the highly powerful Rakshasas and the mighty Rikshas. In this way the delighted Vanaras and Rakshasas spent the second winter month. Enjoying delight they thus spent their days happily in the city of Ayodhya working to the welfare of Rama.

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