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Kakutstha, knowing himself, being thus duly installed, the first night enhancing the delight of the citizens, was spent. At dawn, the prisoners, to wake up the king, arrived at the palace. And those songsters, well trained and having a musical voice like the Kinnaras, began to eulogize the heroic king, to the increase of his joy.

"Awake, O gentle hero, increasing Kausalya s joy, O foremost of men. Thyself being asleep the whole universe will be laid up with sleep. In prowess thou art like Vishnu,in beauty thou art like two Aswins, in intellect thou art like Brihaspati and in the capacity of governing thou art like the Patriarch Brahma.

Thy patience equals that of earth, thy effulgence equals that of the sun, thy velocity equals the wind and thy gravity resembles the deep. Thou art stable like a stake, gentle like the moon. No king like thee had flourished before no other shall follow.

O foremost among the descendant of Raghu, though are the enhancer of the fame of thy race. Thou are the deligther of thy mothers, thy brothers and thy dear wife Sita. Defeating many brave heroes and the mighty Rakshasa Ravana, O Raghava, didst thou recover thy wife from great distress, enhancing the fame of thy race".

Hearing these delightful adorations of the eulogists, that formost one amongst the race of Raghu, woke up with a pleasent mind. Having dismissed the eulogists and songsters with gifts and thus delighting their hearts, he began to engage in his morning rituals. Rama finished his morning rituals, with Gayatri recitations and the worship of his ancestors.

Having completed his ablutions and morning rituals, Rama, with a chearful heart entered the assembly hall with all royal pomp and splendour. Worshipped by all those who were present there, he sat on the throne surrounded by his brothers and other celebrities. Many kings, Vibhishana, Sugriva, Hanuman and many others adorned the assembly and Rama excelled Indra, the lord of the Devas, in splendour.

Rama was happy and enhanced the joy of the whole assembly with pleasent face and chearful heart. Many happy days passed with such assemblies.

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