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The highly effulgent and illustrious Agastya,sprung from a vessel, again addressed the humble Rama as the great Patriarch sprung from lotus spoke unto the Great Deity. He said to Rama, having truth for his prowess "Do thou hear." Saying this, the highly effulgent Agastya began to narrate the last portion of the story.

The high minded saint, with a delighted heart, described unto Rama all he had heard and narrated." O high minded Rama, having long arms, it is for this reason that the vicious souled Ravana stole away Janaki, the daughter of king Janaka. O thou having long arms !O thou of many glories !O thou invincible I Narada recounted this story unto me on the summit of the mountain chief Meru.

O Raghava.the highly effulgent one narrated onto me the last portion of this story in the presence of the Devas, Gandharvas, Siddhas, ascetics and other great O lord of kings, O conferrer of honors, do thou listen to that story which removeth monstrous iniquity. Hearing this,O thou having long arms, the Rishis, and the Devas with delighted hearts, said to the ascetic Narada "He who shall reverentially listen to this story every day, shall be blessed with sons and grandsons and be honored in the region of the Devas.

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