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Hearing this excellent Pauranic theme in the company of his brothers, Raghava was greatly surprised. Thereupon hearing the words of the Rishi he said By thy favour I have listened to the highly sacred theme.

O foremost of Munis, I was greatly worked up with curiosity in this matter. I am not the least surprised to learn, O twice born one, that those two sons of the Devas would be two highly powerful leading Vanaras since their origin is divine." Rama having said this Agastya said "O thou having long arms, thus in the days of yore the bith of Vali and Sugriva was brought about O king, I shall now again relate to thee another divine theme.

O Rama I shall now describe to thee why did Ravana steal Sita. Do thou hear it attentively. O Rama, in the golden age, having bowed unto the Patriarch s son, the truthful Rishi Sanatkumara, highly effulgent, resplandent like unto the sun, ning in his native brilliance and seated at his own place, Ravana, the lord of Rakshasas, said "Who is now amongst all the Devas brave and powerful, by whose help the Devas can vanquish their enemies and whom the twice born ones daily worship and the devotees meditate upon, thou having piety for wealth, O thou gifted vith six sorts of wealth, do thou describe this to me kindly.

Being prised of Ravana s intention, the saint Sanatkumara, who saw every thing through his devotion, said to him out of it Hear my son. The learned duly, in their sacrifices, worship that Hari, respected of people and drinking nectar, who is the lord of the universe, whose origin we do not know, who is daily worshipped by the Devas and Asuras, who is highly powerful Narayana from whose navel has spumg Brahma, the creator of the world, and who has created the Universe consisting of mobile and immobile beings. The Yogis maditate upon him and celebrate sacrifices in his nor according to the Puranas, Vedas, Pancharatra and the other rituals.

He always vanquisheth in encounter Daityas Danavas, Rakshasas and all other enemies of the Devas and every one of them worships him." Hearing those Words of the great ascetic Sanatkumara, Ravana, the lord of Rakshasas, bowing, replied "Being slain by Hari to what station do the Daityas, Danavas and Rakshasas attain? And why doth Hari destroy them ?"Whereto Sanatkumara replied "Whoever are slain by the Devas do eternally reside in their region. And being banished therefrom, they again take their birth on earth.

Thus by the misery and happiness acquired in their pristine existence, they go through births and deaths. O king, all the monarchs, slain by Janardana.holding discus and the lord of the triple world, are attained to his own region ;even his anger becometh like a boon.

Hearing those words given vent to by the great ascetic Sanatkumara the night ranger Ravana, being worked up with delight and surprise, began to meditate how he should enter into conflict with Hari.

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