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And Surya too journeying arrived there. They both simultaneously espied that female form and were possessed by desire. What more, their whole body, as soon as they saw her, was moved and the firmness of the mind shaken.

Thereupon Indra begot on her a son named Vali for he originated from her hairs and Surya begot on her another son, who was named Sugriva for he originated from her neck. Thus the two highly powerful Vanaras being born, Indra went back to his region having conferred upon Vali an un ending garland of gold. And having engaged Hanuman, Vayu s son in the service of Sugriva, Surya too went back to the sky.

O king, the sun having risen after, that night Riksharaja again obtained his own real Vanara shape. Having thus regained his Vanara form he made his two highly powerful sons, leading Vanaras, assuming shapes at will and having twany eyes, drink honey like nectar." Thereupon taking them, he came to the abode of Brahma.

Beholding his son Riksharaja with his sons, Brahma, the grand father of the Devas, consoled him in diverse ways. Then he ordered the celestial messenger saying "At my behest, O emissary, do thou proceed to the highly picturesque city of Kishkindha. That golden, big and charming city is worthy of Riksharaja.

There live many thousand Vanaras besides others assuming shapes at will. It abounds in various jewels, invincible, is inhabited by four Varnas, holy and sacred. At my command Viswakarma has constructed the celestial and picturesque city of Kishkindha.

Do thou place there Riksharaja, the foremost of Vanaras, with his sons ;and having invited the leading Vanaras and others and received them courteously do thou install him on the throne. On beholding this Vanara chief, gifted with intelligence they shall be all subject to him." Brahma, having said this, the celestial emissary, with Riksharaja before him, proceeded to the highly picturesque city of Kishkindha.

And having entered there with the velocity of the wind, he, at the com mand of the Patriarch, crowned the leading Vanara Riksharaja as king.And being sprinkled according to theceremonies of installation, and adorned with a crown and various other ornaments he, with a delighted heart, engaged in governing the Vanaras. All the Vanara, residing on earth consisting of seven insular continentsand bounded by ocean, came under his subjection.

Thus Riksharaja was both the father and mother of Vali and Sugriva. May good betide thee. The learned who listen to and make others hear this story, conducing to the enhancement of their delight, get all their desires and objects accomplished.

I have duty described to thee at length all events and bare recounted the stories relating to the bith of the Kings of Vanaras and Rakshasas.

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