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Hearing the whole history, Rama, the descendant of Raghu, said to Agastya "O Reverend Sir, Riksharaja is the name of the father of Vali and Sugriva but thou hast not told me the name of their mother. However I am curious to learn who was their mother where was their residence and how they had been named so do thou favour me with the account." Rama having said this Agastya said: "O Rama, I shall relate to thee everything in short of what I had heard from Narada when he came to my hermitage.

Once on a time whilst travelling that highly pious ascetic arived at my hermitage; I duly worshipped and welcomed him ;and when I asked him out of curiosity, he, seated at pleasure, said: Hear, O great ascetic, the foremost of the pious; there is a mountain named Meru, higly picturesque, made of gold and greatly charming. The middle peak is much liked by the Devas, on which is situate the beautiful assemblage hall of Brahma extending over a hundred leagues. The four mouthed deity, sprung from lotus, always resideth there.

And from his eyes while going through the Yoga practices tears trickled down. No sooner the Patriarch Brahma, with his hands, wiped them of into the ground than a Vanara originated from those tears. O foremost of men, as soon as that Vanara was produced, the high souled Brahma consoled him in sweet accents and said "Do thou proceed to that leading mountain where the Devas perpetually reside.

O foremost of Vanaras, living upon many a fruit and root in that picturesque mountain thou shouldst always live by me. And while thou shall live in this wise for some time thou shalt be crowned with auspicious ness." Brahma having said this, O Raghava, the foremost of Vanaras saluted that god of gods, placing his head at his feet and said to that Primaeval deity, the creator of beings and the lord of the universe.

"O god, thou at placing me under thy behests verily I shall follow them." Having said this to Patriarch that Vanara immediately went to a forest abounding in fruits and flowers. There living on fruits and collecting honey and various flowers, he, every day, used to come to Brahma in the evening.

O Rama, in this wise he used to make an offering of excellent fruits and flowers at the feet of Brahma, the god of gods. Journeying in this way over the mountain he spent many long years. Some time having elapsed in this way, O Raghava,Riksharaja, the foremost of Vanaras,being distressed with thirst, repaired to the excellent mountain Meru.

There is a pond of pure water, resonant with the notes of various birds. Having shaken his manes with a delighted heart, Riksharaja saw his reflection in the waters. Beholding his own image there that Vanara chief, stricken with anger and anxiety thought "What arch enemy of mine is living in the waters? I shall destroy the excellent abode of the vicious souled one.

Thinking thus within himself, that Vanara, out of fickleness, jumped down into the lake. And he again sprang up therefrom. And at the time of rising, O Rama, that leading Vanara found himself metamorphosed into a female form, which was highly charming, graceful and beautiful.

Her waist was spacious, eye brows beautiful and hairs were black and curling; her countenance was beautiful and smiling, breast high and beauty matchless. And there appeared charming on the banks of the lake,lighting up all quarters that female, agitating the mind of all, and beautiful in the triple world like unto simple Sastilata, Rama, without lotus, pure rays of the moon, Parvati more beautiful than even Lakshmi. At this time was returning by that way, Indra, the leader of the Devas after having worshipped the feet of Brahma.

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