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Hearing the words uttered by Agastya, Rama wondered as to how formerly Rakshasas were generated in Lanka. And then shaking his head, he, struck with wonder, momentarily eying Agastya, addressed Agastya resembling fire, saying, "O worshipful one, hearing thy words that formerly Lanka had been in the possession of the lesh eaters, I have been seized with great amazement.

We had heard that the Rakshasas had sprung in the race of Pulastya. But now thou hast said that they owe their origin to a different source. But were they more powerful than Ravana and Kumbhakarna and Prahasta and Vikala and the sons of Ravana ?Who was their progenitor ?And what was.

the name of that one of terriic strength ?And through what transgression were they driven out by Vishnu ?All this, O sinless one, do thou tell me in detail, and do thou dispell my curiosity even as the sun dispells darkness." Hearing Raghava s words, fair and fraught with polished phrase and period, Agastya, struck with surprise, said unto Raghava, "The lord of creatures sprung from water, first created water. And the lotus born one generated creatures for protecting that element.

And thereupon those creatures humbly presented themselves before the creator, saying, What shall we do ?We are sore tried by hunger and thirst. The lord of creatures, laughing, addressed them, saying, Ye men, do ye carefully guard this (water). Thereat some said Rakshama, and others Yakshama.

Thus accosted by those afflicted with hunger and thirst, the creator said, Those among you who have said Rakshama, shall be called Rakshasas and those among you who have said Yakshama shall be called Yakshas. Among the Rakshasas, who thus guarded the sacred waters, were two brothers named Hoti and Prahoti, mighty as they were, like Madhu and Kaitabha. Those brave brothers became the leaders of the Rakshasas.

The latter one Prahoti, being pious minded, went away to forest for performing penaces. Hoti chose to became a house holder. One day he saw a beautiful maiden and became filled with passion.

Learning that she is the sister of Yama, he repaired unto Yama. On his request, Yama gave his sister Bhaya in marriage to Hoti. Upon her was born unto Hoti a most beautiful son named Vidyutkesa.

When he came of age, Hoti requested Sandhya to give her daugther Salakatmakata in marriage to Vidyutkesa. After some time Salakatmakata became pregnant. But she did not like to be a motheras it would not allow free sexual life with her husband.

With that foul desire, when the time for delivery arrived, she went to the mountain Mahendra and giving birth to a splendid son and abandoned the new born baby there. Having done this cruel act, she went back to where she came from. The great God Siva with his wife Parvati, came there riding on their holy bull on a pleasure trip.

Seeing the infant crying most pathetically from hunger and cold, the Siva, filled with compassion, took up the child and directed goddess Parvati" "Do though treat him as our son." Thus addressed Parvati took him as her son and at once made him a young person. She also bestowed on him immortality and also gifted him a freely flying aerial chariot.

Parvati also ordained for those original Rakshasas, immediate conception and immediate delivery and the new born immediately attaining the age of the mother. He was called Sukesa. From these boons he became proud and freely flew everywhere in his chariot and earning the privilege of seeing the god Siva now and then.

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