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Released by Arjuna, and yet not conceiving any shame, Ravana, the king of Rakshasas again began to traverse the earth.

Rakshasas or men, of whom the proud Ravana heard to be powerful he used to appoach and summon them for fight. After some time he arrived at the city of Kishkindha reared by Vali and invited him, wearing golden garland, to fight.Thereat, Tara, her father Sushena and the Prince Sugriva said to the king ofRakshasas O lord of Rakshasas, he is not present here, who shall be able to withstand thee.

What Vanara else is capable of standing before thee ?However, O Ravana, Vali shall soon return after performing the Sandhya rites at the conluence of the four oceans; therefore wait here for a moment. Behold, O Dasanana, there lie the bones of all those, like conch, who came here to fight with the powerful king of Vanaras. O Ravana, O Rakshasa, even if thou hast drunk Amrita, thou shalt at this very moment loose thy life, when the encounter with Vali shall take place.

O Vaisravana, do thou observe the variegated universe now wait for a moment after which it will be hard for thee to keep thy life. Or if thou dost wish to meet with death do thou speedily repair to the southern ocean and thou shalt behold there Vali like unto fire placed on earth." Hearing those words, Ravana, the aggrandiser of the triple world, remonstrated with Tara and ascending his flowery car went to the southern ocean and espied Vali, having red countenance like the rising sun, engaged in Sandhya rites with whole mindedness.

Thereupon having descended from his Pushpaka car he with silent steps approached Vali to bring him under his grasp. Carelessly, like looking at pleasure, Vali saw him. Albeit apprised of his evil intention, he was not the least moved.

And he didnot care for him as a lion is not moved on beholding a hare and Garuda on beholding a serpent. He then thought within himself "This vicious souled Ravana is approaching to catch me ;holding him under my arm pit I shall journey over the three great ocean. Everyone will behold the enemy Ravana, under my arm pit as a serpent possessed by Garuda, with his thighs, arms and clothes loosened.

Having thought thus Vali remained silent for sometime and reciting incantations he waited there like a mountain.Thereupon thinking of the Vanara, the lord of Rakshasas, proud of his migth, essayed to catch him. Vali was seated with his back (towards Ravana); still from his footsteps he perceived that he had come withinthe grasp of Ravana s army and he at once caught hold of him like unto Garuda holding a serpent.

Getting hold of Ravana, the lord of Rakshasas, desirous of catching him, Vali() and placing him under his arm pit Vali vehemently rose high up in thevelkinAnd he went away carrying him, scratching him again and again with his nails like unto winds scattering clouds. The Dasagriva being thus carried away, his councillors, to release him, pursued, exlaiming. Vali, in the welkin.

They thus following him, Vali. appeared in the sky like the sun in the midst of clouds. The Rakshasas could not catch Vali but were rather exhausted by the stroke of his arms and thighs.

What to speak of animals made of flesh and blood anxious for their lives, even the mountains make way, when Vali goes. Rising high op into the sky where even the birds cannot reach, Vali, the lord of Vanaras and gifted with great velocity, by and by finished his Sandhya rites above the oceans. Being worshipded by the aerials their lord, with Ravana, first proceeded to the western ocean.

And having finished there Sandhya prayers and recited incantations he, with Dasanana, went to the nothern ocean. And having journeyed over many thousand leagues that huge Vanara, with his enemy, finished his prayers there and then proceeded to the eastern ocean. And having recited his prayers there also, Vali, the son of Indra, and the king of Vanaras, carrying Ravana, returned to the city of Kishkindha.

Having gone through his Sandhya rites at the four oceans and carrying Ravana, that Vanara chief was greatly exhausted and (therefore) descended into the gardens of Kishkindha. Having got out Ravana from his arm pit, the foremost of Vanaras, laughing again and again said: Whence art thou coming?" Thereupon being surprised greatly, Dasanana, the king of Rakshasas, with eyes, shaking with exhaustion, said to the king of Vanaras: O king of Vanaras, resembling Mahendra, I am Ravana, the king of Rakshasas; I came here to fight: but I have beeen defeated by thee. Alas! What strength is thine !what prowess !!What gravity !!!Holding me like a beast thou hast journeyed over the four oceans.

O hero !What heroic wight is there who is not exhausted by carrying me so vehemenly ?O Vanara, mind, wind and Garuda these three are gifted with the velocity. Undoubtedly thou hast got the same velocity. Thy prowess hath been suficiently displayed.

But now I wish, O king of Vanaras, to make friends with thee for ever before fire. O king of Vanaras, from to day, wife, sons, city, kingdom, enjoyment, cloth and food shall be our common." Thereupon having lighted up fire the king of Vanaras and the king of Rakshasas, embracing each other, became friends.

Thereupon holding each other by the arms they entered the city of Kishkindha like unto two lions, entering delightedly a cave. There like Sugriva Ravana spent a month. Afterwards his councillors, desirous of destroying the triple world, took him away.

O lord Rama, I have thus related to thee the previous history. Having thus belaboured Ravana Vali at last made friends with him before fire. 0 Rama, Vali had unequalled and great strength.

Like unto fire burning down logs thou didst burn down Vali.

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