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Therupon Pulastya heard from the Devas of the capture of Ravana like unto the holding of the wind. And having been moved by the love for his son, the highly effulgent, great ascetic, proceeded to see the king of Mahishmati. Proceeding by the aerial way, that twice born one, gifted with the velocity of wind and the flight of mind, reached the city of Mahishmati.

Like unto Brahma enteing Indra s Amaravati, he entered the city resembling the capital of Indra and filled with delighted and plump citizens. And beholding that dreadful Rishi approach like unto Aditya walking on foot, the warders communicated the intelligence unto the king Arjuna. Understanding from their words that Pulastya was coming, the king of Haihayas, placing his folded palms on his crown, proceeded to welcome him.

Like, unto Brihaspati preceeding Purandara, the royal prests went before him carrying, Maduparka and water to wash feet. And beholding the ascetic resembling the rising sun arrived, the king Arjuna bowed unto him reverentially like Indra saluting Mahadeva. Thereupon offering him Maduparka, cow and water to wash feet, the king of Haihayas, in accents obstructed with delight, addressed the ascetic saying: "Reverend Sir, thine visit, it is hard to obtain.

On beholding thee my city Mahishmati hath been turned into Amaravati. To day have I obtained all auspiciousness.O lord ;today hath my religious observance been fruitful ;today hath my bith proved blessed and to day hath my devout penance been crowned with success, for I bow unto thy feet, which have been worshipped by the Devas.

This my kingdom, these my sons, this my wife and myself are all at thy disposal do thou order me, O Brahman, what I may do for thee." Thereupon having enquired of the king about his piety, offerings and the well being of his sons, Pulastya said to Arjuna, the king of Haihayas "O foremost of kings, O thou having eyes like lotus petals !O thou having a countenance like the full moon !When thou hast vanquished Ravana, thy prowess is matchless in the triple world. Thou hast bound up my invincible son in the conflict at whose fear the wind and the ocean stand still.

Having drunk up the glories of my son thou hast announced thine own ;so I do say, O my son, do thou release Dasanana." Hearing this command of Pulastya, the king Arjuna did not utter a single world and set, most delightedly the king of Rakshasas, free Having released that foe of the Devas worshipped him with celestial ornaments and garlands and established friendship removing all enmities with Ravana before fire, and bowed unto Pulastya, the son of Brahma, he repaired to his pwn house. And being released by the influence of Pulastya, the highly powerful Dasanana, the king of Rakshasas, accepted his hospitality and being embraced by him, returned home ashamed.

And having set Dasagriva at liberty Pulastya, the son of Brahma and the foremost of Munis repaired to the celestial region. O Rama, in this wise, the highly powerful Ravana was defeated by Arjuna and released by Pulastya. Observe therefore, O descendant of Raghu, there is a mightier man than the mighty ;therefore, one, desirous of his own well being, should not disregard another.

Having acquired friendship with the thousand armed Arjuna, Dasanana, the king of Rakshasas. began again to journey over the world distressing the kings.

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