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Thereupon darkness having set in all, the Devas and Rakshasas, maddened with their strength, began to fight crushing one another. And in that darkness Indra, Ravana and Meghanada these three were not possessed by the influence of illusion.

Beholding his whole army slain in a moment, Ravana, worked up with dreadful fire, sent out terrible roars. And in anger, that irrepressible one said to the charioteer, stationed on the car "Do thou take me to the other end of the enemies host." I shall soon with the stroke of vaious weapons despatch the Devas to the abode of Death.

I shall slay Indra, Kubera, Varuna and Yama what to speak of more I shall soon destroy all the Devas and place myself above them. Be not sorry ;do thou soon drive my chariot. Today I have told you to take me to the end of the enemy s army.

We are now waiting near the Nandana grove do thou take me to the hill whence the sun rises." Hearing his words the charioteer drove the steeds, coursing at will through the enemies host. Thereupon being apprised of his intention, Sakra, the king of the Devas, stationed on car, said to the Devas, in the field of battle "O ye Devas hear my words, what appear to me best.

This Dasagriva must be vanquished by us while alive. Ascending his car, gifted with the velocity of the wind, the highly powerful one is proceeding amongst the army like unto the deep with waves rising during Parva. It is not possible to slay him now for he shall not meet with death in consequence of the boon.

So let us make him captive and we should all exert to that end. Bali being held captive I am enjoying the three worlds and I think proper to obstruct the course of this vicious souled one." Having said this and left aside Ravana, Sakra went to another side, O King, and fought terrifying the Rakshasas in the conflict.

Dasagriva, incapable of being thwarted, entered by the northern route and the performer of hundred sacrifices by the southern. Thereupon having entered into the army up to a hundred leagues the lord of Rakshasas overpowered the celestial host with a downpour of shafts. Thereupon beholding his own army slain Sakra, returned fearlessly and obstructed the Dasagriva.

In the interim beholding Ravana brought under his grasp by Sakra the Asuras and Rakshasas cried aloud. "Alas we are slain." Thereupon ascending his car Ravana s son, beside himself with rage, entered the dreadful flank.

And having resorted to the illusory powers, conferred upon him in yore by Pasupati he entered into the enemies camp and belaboured them. Having left behind all other Devas he pursued Indra and the highly effulgent Mahendra too espied his enemy s son. And albeit assailed by the highly powerfuf Devas, Ravana s son, divested of mail, entertained no fear.

Having overpowered the approaching charioteer with many excellent arrows he covered Mahendra with a downpour of shafts. Thereat having left his car and charioteer Indra mounted his elephant Airavata and ran about in search of Ravana s son. Being invisible in the welkin by virtue of his illusory powers and having brought Indra under the influence thereof he struck him with hundreds of arrows.

When Ravana s son came to know that Indra was exhausted he, having bound him up by virtue of illusion, proceeded towards his army. And having seen Mahendra carried away by force from the battle field the Devas thought What is this?" That conqueror of Sakra and subduer of enemies, conversant with illusory powers, was not visible, by whom, Indra, although master of many illusions, was carried away by force. In the meantime, the Devas, all enraged, covered Ravana with a downpour of shafts and belaboured him.

And being worn out in the encounter with the Adityas and Vasus he was not capable of fighting; any more. Beholding his father thus distressed and assailed in warfare with strokes, Ravana s son, although invisible, said "Do thou come O father, our work in the battle field is finished ;know, we have achieved victory ;be thou consoled and divested of agonies. By virture of my illusory powers I have made Mahendra captive lord of the three worlds and of the celestial host; I have crushed down the pride of the Devas.

Having subdued thy enemy by virtue of thy prowess do thouenjoy the three worlds at thy pleasure. What is the usein striving again? And useless it is to fight again." Hearing those words of Ravana s son the Devas retired from thebattle and went away without Sakra.

And hearing those words of his son, the lord the night rangers, the subduer of the Devas, having great prowess and wide spread fame, desisted from fighting and affectionately said to his son "O dear child! you have enhanced the glory of our race displaying thy prowess like a highly powerful man. Thou hast vanquished the Devas and their king of unequalled might. Do thou set out hence for the city, taking Indra on thy chariot and surrounded by soldiers.

I shall, soon, delighted, follow thee with my councillors." Thereupon having returned home with his army and chaiots and taking the king of the clelestials, the powerful son of Ravana dismissed the victorious warriors.

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