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Beholding Sumalin slain and reduced to ashes by Vasu and being assailed by the Devas the Rakshasa host led into diverse directions. And collecting all the Rakshasas stood there the highly powerful Meghanada, enraged, the son of Ravana. Like unto flaming fire approaching towards forest that great car warrior encountered the enemies in a precious car coursing at will.

And as soon as he, armed with various weapons, entered the field the Devas, at his very sight, fled away to all directions. None could stand before him, well versed in war fare.Thereupon beholding the Devas terrified and pierced with shafts, Indra, the king of gods, said Be not afraid, O ye Devas ;do not ly away ;come back to the battle ;this my son, who has never been vanquished, goes to battle.

Thereupon Sakra s son, known as divine Jayanta, proceeded towards the field of action in a wondrous car. And having encircled Sachi s son and encountered Ravana s son the Devas began to assail him. And the encounter between Mahendra s son Jayanta and Ravana s son Meghanada, and that between the Devas and Rakshas was like one between Devas and Asuras.

Thereupon Ravana s son began to assail, with shafts feathered in gold, his Jayanta( s) charioteer Gomukha, Matali s son. Sachis son too, enraged, assailed on all sides, Ravana s son and his charioteer. And the powerful Ravana, stricken with fire and with eyes expanded, covered Sakra s son with arrows.

Thereupon Ravana s son struck the Deva host with thousands of huge mountain summits, Sataghnis, maces, Prasas, clubs, daggers, Parashos and various other sharp pointed weapons. Ravana s son thus striking Indra s army the quarters were enshrouded with darkness by his illusory power. Being overpowered with arrows on all sides the Deva army, leaving aside Jayanta, became restless.

The Devas or the Rakshasas they could not recognize one another and being distressed then ran about on all sides. Being enveloped with darkness and having their senses bewildered the Devas killed their own kith and the Rakshasas their own men and others led away. In the interim a heroic and powerful Daitya chief Pulomi, by name, taking Sachi s son disappeared.

And taking his own grand son he entered into the ocean Puloma was the grand father for by him Sachi was begotten. And thinking that Jayanta was slain all the Devas greatly sorry and distressed led away on all sides. Thereupon Ravana s son enraged and encircled by his own powerful followers, persued the Devas emitting loud cries.

Not beholding his son and observing the flight of the Devas the king of the Devas said to Matali "Bring my car." By Matali was brought, the celestial, highly dreadful, huge and quick coursing chariot that was ready. (And he having) ascended the car, the huge clouds, with lightnings, being driven by winds, began to emit foth loud mutterings before the chariot.

And the Gandharvas began to play on various instruments and the Apsaras began to dance. And taking up various weapons, Indra, the king of divinities, set out for the field of action, in the company of Rudras, Vasus, Adityas, the two Aswini and Maruts. He, having set out for battle, the wind began to blow high, the sun was divested of its brilliance and the huge fire brands began to send out flames.

In the interval the heroic and the highly powerful Dasagriva ascended the celestial car, constructed by the Architect of the Devas, encircled by the huge bodied Nagas capable of making down erect and by whose breath the battle field was ablaze. Surrounded by Asuras and Rakshasas and with the celestial car he encountered Mahendra in the battle field. And having desisted his son he himself stood there.

And having come out from the field of action Ravana s son too stood silent. Thereupon there arose an encounter between the Rakshasas and the Devas and there began a downpour of weapons in the conflict like clouds. And the vicious souled Kumbhakarna armed with various weapons came there but he did not know, O king, with whom the conflict was going on.

And by him enraged, the Devas were assailed with his teeth, feet, arms, hands, Saktis, Tomaras and clubs or any weapon whatsoever. Thereupon the night ranger engaged with the highly powerful Rudras and was wounded, in the conflict, with incessant strokes of weapons. There upon the Rakshasa army began to fight with Maruts and they were overwhelmed in the encounter with the stroke of various weapons.

Some fell down on earth slain and torn and others became insensible on the back of their carriers in the battle. And they all stood there in a half sensible mood, some holding the car, some Elephants, some Asses, some Camels, some Serpents, some Horses, some Porpoises, some Boars, some Pisacha mouthed animals and some embracing the Pannagas. And other night ranges, having their bodies sundered by the Devas gave up their being.

The Rakshasas being slain and lying down on earth the action appeared wondrous like a painting. And there issued out in the battle field a river from weapons having blood for its silent waters and infested with crows and vultures. Having beheld his own army slain by the Devas the highly powerful Dasanana, enraged, entered the ocean of celestial army and slaying the Devas in the conflict confronted Sakra.

Thereupon Sakra took up his huge bow by the twang where of the ten quarters Were filled. Having unstrung his huge bow Indra struck Ravana, on his head, with arrows resembling the flame of fire and the rays of the sun. And the Rakshasa chief Dasanana, having long arms, also assailed Indra with hundreds of shafts discharged of his bow.

They having been thus engaged with each other with the downpour of dreadful Shafts, all the quarters were filled with darkness and in consequence thereof nothing was visible.

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