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Having thus given the command of a huge and dreadful army to Khara and.

consoled his sister, Dasagriva was satisfied and freed from anxiety. Thereupon that highly powerful lord of Rakshasas with his followers entered an excellent garden in Lanka named Nikumbhili. And there, he saw, filled with hundreds of sacrificial posts and altars, a sacrifice being celebrated, as if burning in its lustre.

And he beheld his fearful son Meghanada too, clad it an Antelope skin and holding Sikha and Kamandalu. Having seen him (there) and embraced him by his arms the lord of Lanka said "What are you after, O my child ?Tell me the truth." Thereupon that foremost of twice born ones Usanas of austere penances, wishing the prosperity of the sacrifice, said to Ravana the Rakshasa chief "Hear,I shal relate to thee everything, O king ;thy son hath met with the fruits of many a sacrifice Agnistoma, Asvamedha, Bahusuvarnaka.

Rajasuya, Gomedha and Vaisnava. And being engaged in this Maheshvara sacrifice, which is incapable of being celebrated by men, thy son hath obtained boon from Pasupati himself. He has also obtained illusory powers which create darkness or ignorance namely of ranging in the sky, of being eternal, of ascending a celestial car which curses at will and of creating darkness.

O lord of Rakshasas, these illusory powers being usued in a conflict, even the Devas and Asuras shall not be able to perceive his course. Besides he has obtained a quiver, the arrows whereof shall never be exhausted, a bow, which is hard of being got by and a dreadful weapon which destroys enemies in a conflict. Having obtained these boons thy son, O thou having ten faces, and myself, the sacrifice being finished, have been waiting to behold thee.

Whereto the Dasagriva replied "You have not done well as you have worshipped, with diverse articles my enemies Indra and others. However, what is done is done ;there is virtue in this no doubt; come,0 gentle one,we shall go to our house." Thereupon going there with his son and Vibhishana, Dasagriva got down all those damsels,speechless with tears, gifted with auspicious marks,the precious females of the Devas, Danavas and Rakshasas.

Perceiving his vicious desire for those damsels, the virtuous souled Vibhishana() said "Thou dost (still) follow thy own whims, knowing that people are injured by these actions which destroy piety, wealth and fame. Having slain their kinsmen thou hast brought these beautiful damsels hither, but disregarding thee, O king, Madhu hath carried away Kumbhinasi." Ravana said "I donot understand all this.

Who is that Madhu, who has been named by thee?" Worked up with fire Vibhishana said to his brother: "Hear, the fruit of thy vicious actions hath arrived. There was an old Rakshasa, celebrated for his wisdom, named Malyavan,the elder brother of Sumalin. our maternal grandfather.

His grand daughter is Kumbhinasi and is born of our maternal aunt Anala ;so she is virtually our sister. Thy son being engaged in the sacrifice and myself being under waters she was stolen away, O king, by the powerful Rakshasa Madhu. Kumbhakarna, O great king, was then asleep.

Having slain all the powerful Rakshasas and thy councillors, he had stolen her away, O king, who was in thy inner apartments. Hearing this even, O great king, we have pardoned and not slain him; an unmarried girl should be given away to her husband by her brothers, but that has not been the case this is merely the result of thy vicious actions wicked minded as thou art. And this thou hast met with instantly so the people say.

Hearing the words of Vibhishana, Ravana, the lord of Rakshasas, became agitated like an ocean, by the recollection of his vicious deeds. And engaged, with blood red eves the Dasagriva said "Get my chariot ready soon and let all I heroes of our party be prepared. Let my brother Kumbhakarna and other leading night rangers, armed with various weapons, ascend their conveyances.

Having slain today in the encounter that Madhu, who is not afraid of Ravana, shall, encircled by my friends, and desirous of battle, proceed to the region of the Devas." Thereupon issued out for battle leading Rakshasas four thousand Akshauhini strong taking various weapons. Commanding them Indrajit preceded the army, Ravana went in the middle and Kumbhakarna was in the rear; the virtuous souled Vibhishana remained in Lanka, being engaged in piotis observances.

And the rest of the leading Rakshasas proceeded towards the city of Madhu. And all the Rakshasas went covering the sky, some on Asses, some on Camels, some on Horses, some on quick coursing porpoises and some on huge serpents. And beholding Ravana proceed, hundreds of Daityas, inimical to the Devas, followed him.

Having arrived at the city Of Madhu and entered there the Dasagriva did not behold Madhu but espied his sister. Thereupon being afraid of the king of Rakshasas, Kumbhinasi, with folded palms, touched his feet with her crown. Having raised her up the Rakshasa chief Ravana said "No fear, what can I do for you ?"Whereto she replied "O king, O thou having long arms if thou art pleased with me, do not slay my husband to day, O conferrer of honours.

It is said there is no other fear like this for damsels of high pedigree. The greatest of fears is that of being a widow. Be thou truthful, O king of kings do thou look towards me, who am thus begging; Thou hast thyself said, O king; "no fear.

Being thus addressed Ravana said to his sister there "Do thou tell me speedily where is thy husband. I shall go with him for conquests to the region of the Devas. Out of pity and love for thee I refrain from slaying Madhu.

Being thus accosted; that Rakshasi, being pleased, got her sleeping husband, the night ranger, up and said "Here is my brother, the highly power Dasagriva. Being desirous of conquering the region of the Devas he prays for thy help. Do thou therefore proceed to his help, O Rakshasa with all they friends; It behoves thee to help him, who out of afection for me, hath prayed for thy help.

Hearing those words Madhu said: "So be it." And approaching a little he beheld that foremost of Rakshasas and duly welcomed Ravana. Being thus honoured the highly powerful Dasagriva spent one night in Madhu s house and then, addressed himself for depature.

Thereupon reaching the hill Kailasa, the abode of Vaisravana, the lord of Rakshasas, resembling Mahendra, encamped his army.

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