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Therupon meditating for sometime the lord of Lanka went to the region of the sun and spent the night upon the picturesque summit of the mount Meru. And ascending the car Pushpaka having the velocity of the sun s steeds, he, by various courses, went on and beheld the glorious sun, gifted with all radiance, purifying all, wearing golden Keyuras and clothes crested with jewels.

His beautiful countenance was adorned with a pair of excellent Kundalas; and his person was embellished with Keyuras,, Nishkas and garlands of red lotuses. His body was annointed with red sandal and was radiant with a thousand rays. And beholding that foremost of gods the sun that primeval deity, without end or middle, having Uchaisravas as his carrier, the witness of the world and the lord of the universe, the foremost of Rakshasas, being overwhelmed with his rays, said to Prahasta O minister, do thou proceed at my behest and communicate unto him my orders Ravana hath arived here for battle do thou offer him fight.

Or say I have been defeated Do thou follow one of these extremes." Hearing those words that Rakshasa proceeded towards the sun and beheld two gate keepers Pingala and Dandi by name.

And communicating unto them the resolution of Ravana he stood there silent, being over powered with the rays of the sun. And approaching the sun, Dandi communicated unto him all this. Hearing of Ravana s intention from Dandi the intelligent sun the enemy of night wisely said to him Do thou proceed, O Dandi; either defeat Ravana or tell him I have been defeated.

Do whatever thou wishest." Hearing those words he approached the high souled Rakshasa and communicated unto him what the sun had said. Hearing the words of Dandi the lord of Rakshasas trumpheted his own victory and went away.

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