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And again journeyed in the city of Asma (the followers of Ravana) dreadful in fight. There the Ten necked Rakshasa beheld a highly picturesque house adorned with networks of pearls, having gateways crested with Vaiduryas, golden pillars and; abounding in pavements. And the stairs, of that picturesque house resembling the abode of Mahendra, covered with girdles, were made of crystal.

Beholding that excellent house the highly powerful Ravana thought within himself Whose is this beautiful house, resembling the summit of Meru? Go, O Prahasta, and learn quickly whose house is this." That ordered, Prahasta entered that excellent house and finding none in one appartment he entered another and thus enteing seven apartments he at last saw a flame of fire. There was a man in that flame, who, when seen, laughed aloud.

Hearing that dreadful laughter Prahasta s down stood on their end. There was another man in that flame, as if in a swoon, engarlanded with golden lotuses, incapable of being looked at, like the sun, and resembling the Yama s self. Beholding that the night ranger speedily issued out of the house and communicated it unto Ravana.

Thereupon, O Rama, having descended from Pushpaka, Dasagriva, black as collyrium, entered that house. (Immediately) obstructing the door there stood a huge bodied man, dreadful like Siva his tongue was all flame, his eyes were red, rows of teeth beautiful, lips like Bimba, his form was handsome nose dreadful, neck like a shell marked with three lines, jaws were spacious, beards thick, bone fleshy, teeth huge and his appearance was all dreadful. And taking up an iron mace he stood at the gate.

Beholding him, Dasanana s hairs stood on their end his heart and body trembled. And seeing these bad omens, O Rama, he began to think within himself. He thus meditating that man said What at thou thinking, O Rakshasa ?Tell me all in confidence.

I shall confer upon thee the hospitality of fighting, O hero, O night ranger. Having said this he again spoke unto Ravana, saying Dost thou wish to enter into conlfict with Bali, or what else is thy intention Ravana was so overwhelmed that his hairs stood on their end ;but resoting to calmness he said O thou foremost of those skilled in speech, who residest in this house ?I shall fight with him ;r.speak out what thou wishest.

He again said (to Ravana) The lord of Danavas lives here he is highly generous, heroic, and hath truth for his prowess. He is gifted with many qualities, resplendent like unto Yama with mace in iis hand or the newly risen sun and incapable of being defeated in conflict, impetuous, invincible, victorious, powerful, a veritable ocean of accomplishments, sweet speeched, supporter of the dependants, fond of preceptor and Brahmans, always waiting for opportune hours, gifted with high powers, truthful, of a handsome person, skilful, gifted with all accomplishments, heroic and engaged in the study of the Vedas. He sometimes walks on foot and moves like the wind he shines like fire and spreads heat like sun.

He travels with the Devas, Pitris,Nagas and Suparnas. He does not know fear; dost thou wish to fight with him ?If thou dost wish to fight with Bali, O lord of Rakshasas, O thou gifted with great energy, do thou speedily enter (this house) and engage in the encounter. Being thus addressed the Dasagriva entered where Bali was.

Beholding the lord of Lanka, the foremost of Danavas, resembling the flaming fire, and hard to look at like the sun, laughed. And taking that Rakshasa by the hand and placing him on his lap he said. O Ten necked lord of Rakshasas, O thou having long arms, what desire of thine may I satisfy ?Do thou tell me what for thou hast come hither.

Being thus addressed by Bali Ravana said I have heard, O illustrious sir, that formerly thou wast bound by Vishnu. Forsooth I am capable of releasing thee from the bonds. Hearing that Bali laughed and said Hear, I shall relate to thee what hast asked, O Ravana.

The red hued man, who stands always at the door by him formerly all the leading Danavas and other powerful lords were brought into subjection by him I was also bound. He is invincible like unto death ;who is there on this earth that can deceive him ?He, who stands at the door, is the destroyer of all beings, creator and preserver and the lord of the three worlds. Thou dost not know him nor do I.

He is identical with past, future and present and is the lord. He is Kali and he is Time the destroyer of all beings. He is the destroyer and the creator of the three worlds and he slays all beings mobile and immobile.

And that lord of all gods again creates the Universe without beginning or end. O night ranger, he governs and preserves all sacrifices, gifts and oblations to fire. Forsooth he is the creator and the preserver of the universe there is none wonderful in the three worlds.

O son of Pulastya, He hath been guiding the former Danavas, myself, yourself like so many beads bound with ropes. Vritra, Danu, Suka, Sambhu, Nishumbha, Sumbha, Kalanemi, Prahlada and others, Kula, Vairochana, Mridu, Jamala, Arjuna, Kansa, Kaitabha, and Madhu used to impart heat like the sun, appear resplendant like the rays, move about like air and pour showers like Indra. All of them celebrated many "a sacrifice and were engaged in austere penances.

All of them were high souled and considered the practice of Yoga as a great virtue. Having got by an immense accession of wealth they enjoyed many pleasures, made many gifts, celebrated many sacrifices, studied (many lores) and governed their subjects. They were all protectors of their own kith and kin and slayers of enemies ;and in battle, there was none equal to them in the three worlds.

They were all heroic, of a high pedigree, versed in all sacred writings, proicient in all branches of learning and indomitable in warfare. Having defeated thousands of Devas in conflict, the high souled ones conquered the regions. They were always engaged in those works which were not liked by the Devas and used to maintain their own men.

They were all inflated with pride and haughtiness and effulgent like the newly risen sun. The glorious Hari, the lord Vishnu, knoweth only how to bring about their destruction who perpetually assail the Devas. He creates all these and He, bringing about their obstruction,existeth in Himself at the time of dissolution.

These highly powerful and high souled Danava chiefs, assuming shapes at will, have been destroyed by the glorious God. Besides, all these heroes, who have been heard of as being irrepressible and invincible in warfare, have been discomfitted by the wondrous power of Kritanta." Having said this the lord of Danavas again spoke unto the lord of Rakshas O hero, O thou gifted with great strength, take that flaming discus which thou beholdest and come to my side.

I shall then relate to thee the means of eternal liberation. Do what I have told thee, O thou having long arms.Delay not0 Ravana.

Hearing this the highlypowerful Raksha proceeded, laughing, O descendant of Raghu, where that celestial kundala was. Ravana,proud of his prowess, easily took it up but could not move it by any means. And being ashamed that higly powerful one again attempted.

As soon as it was uplifted the Rakshasa dropped down on ground, bathed in a pool of blood, like unto an uprooted Sala tree. In the meantime there arose a sound from Pushpaka, and the councillors of that lord of Rakshasas cried aloud. Regaining his sense that Raksha rose up in a moment and lowered his head in shame.

Bali said to him "Do thou come, O foremost of Rakshasas and hear my words. O hero, the Kundala,crested with jewels, which thou didst assay to take up, is an ornament for the ear of one of my forefathers. This fell here on the ground, O thou gifted with great strength ;another Kundala was thrown on the summit of the mountain.

Besides these Kundalas his crown was also cast of on the groud before the altar during the encounter. Formerly none bore enmity towards my ancesor Hiranyakasipu Time death, or illness. He had no death during the day, night, evening or morning.

O foremost of Rakshasas, he did not experience death from any weapon whatsoever. He created a dreadful enmity with Prahlada. This conflict having taken place with the high souled and heroic Prahlada there rose up a dreadful figure of Narasimha, a terror unto all, O foremost of Rakshasas.

And that terrible figure casting his looks about, all the worlds were over whelmed. Thereupon taking him up with his arms he destroyed him with his nails. The person, who is standing at the door, is this supreme Vasudeva, void of passion.

I shalt now relate to thee the words of that supreme God ;do than hear, if thy heart is filled with spiritual thoughts. The person, who is standing at the door, hath brought into subjection, in thousands of years, a thousand of Indras, an Ayuta of Devas and hundreds of great Rishis." Hearing these words Ravana said (I have seen) Kritanta, the lord of Pitris with Death himself, with hairs standing erect.

Serpents and scorpions are his hairs his tongue is hard as the lightning, his teeth are dreadful his eyes are red and he is gifted with great velocity and a terror unto all beings. He is incapable of being looked at like unto the sun, unconquerable in battle and is the chastiser of the sinners. He even was defeated by me in conflict.

There I did not feel the least pain or fear, O lord of Danavas. I do not know (this person) it behoveth thee to give me an account." Hearing the words of Ravana Bali said "He is the lord Hari Narayana the protector of the three worlds.

He is Ananta, Kapila, Jishnu and the highly effulgent Narasimha. He is Kratudhama, Sudhama, and hath the dreadful mace in his hand. He is like unto the twelve Adityas, Purana and the excellent Purusha ;he is like unto the red clouds the lord of gods and the best god.

O thou having long arms, he is encircled by flames, a great devotee and fond devotees ;this lord preserveth the Universe and hath created it. And he, gifted with great strength, brought about destruction in the form of Time ;and this Hari, with a discus in his hand, is sacrifice and is being worshipped in sacrifices. He is at one with all gods all beings, all worlds and all knowledge.

He is all forms, the great form, Baladeva and hath long arms ;he slayeth heroes, hath heroic eyes, is imperishable and the preceptor of the three worlds. All these sages, who long for final liberation, meditate upon him he, who can know this Purusha, is not sullied with sins. By remembering him, hearing of him and worshipping him, every thing can be obtained.

Hearing these words of Bali, the highly powerful Ravana, having his eyes reddened with fire, issued out with uplifted weapon. Beholding him thus excited, the lord Hari, with a club in his hand, thought within himself, O Rama, "I shall not slay this sinner for the satisfaction of Brahma" and assuming his own shape disappeared. And not beholding that Purusha there, the night ranger issued out of the abode of Varuna, shouting with joy.

He went away by the way he had come.

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