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Having vanquished Yama, the foremost of Devas, Ravana delighting in warfare, saw his adherents. And seeing Ravana, with his person bathed in blood, bettered by the weapon discharged at him, they were seized with surpise. And hailing him with victory, the councillors headed by Maricha, having been encouraged by Ravana, ascended Pushpaka.

And then the Raksha entered the regeon of waters the abode of Daityas and Nagas, well protected by Varuna. And arriving at Bhogavati the city governed by Vasuki, he brought the Nagas under subjection and then, delighted, bent his course to the palace Manimayi There dwelt the Nivatakavachas", who had obtained boons. Those Daityas were possessed of prowess and endowed with strength, carrying various weapons, breathing high spirits and invincible in battle.

And the Danavas and Rakshasas growing enraged fell to raving each other with darts and tridents, Kulicas and axes and Patticas. And as they faught one entire year passed away and neither side obtained victory or was worsted. And then that way of the triune sphere, that God, the undeteriorating Great father, swiftly presented himself on the scene mounted on his excellent car.

And making the Nivatakavachas desist from battle the ancient great father spake in clear words Even the Devas and the Asuras are not able to vanquish this Ravana in battle ;nor can the Danavas backed by the Devas can destroy you. Do you therefore turn your minds to making friends with the Rakshasa. All interests are forsooth the common possession of friends.

Thereat Ravana made friends with the Nivatakavachas in the presence of Fire ;and then rejoiced greatly. And duly honored (by them) Dasanana passed there a year, without any feeling of that place being different from his own home: and spent his time agreeably. And having learnt there an hundred sorts of illusion, he directed his course to Rasatala, searching for the city of the lord of waters.

And then going to the city named Asma ruled by the Kalakayas, Ravana() slew the Kalakayas endowed with terriffic striength ;and then with his sword cut of his brother.in law, the husband of Surpanakha, the mighty Vidyujjihva possessed of terriffic strength; as that Rakshasa in the encounter was licking (the limbs of Ravana s followers). Having vanquished him, he, in a moment, destroyed four hundred Daityas.

And then the lord of Rakshasas saw the grand abode of Varuna resqmbling a mass of white clouds, and effulgent like unto Kailasa itself; and also saw the milk conserving Surabhi stationed there ;from the streams of whose milk was produced the ocean named Kshiroda. And there Ravana saw the mother of kine and the foremost of bulls ;from whom springeth that maker of night the mild beaming moon ;taking refuge under whom subsist the prime saints and those living on froth, the froth (of milk) ;and wherefrom sprang Amrita as well as the Swadha of Swadha subsisting oneslf, even her that goeth with human beings under the name of Surabhi. Having gone round this wonderful (cow), Ravana entered the exceedingly dreadfulabode of Varuna) guarded by various kinds of forces.

And then he beheld Varuna s splendid mansion, streaming with hundreds of torrents, resembling a mass of autumnal clouds, and always wearing a delightful aspect. And killing the generals of the forces, after having been resisted by them, he addressed the warriors, saying, Do you speedily acquaint your king with this Ravana" hath come here seeking battle." ;Do thou give him fight, or say with joined hands.

I have been defeated by; thee, and then thou hast no fear whatever. In the meantime the sons and grandsons of the high souled Varuna, as well as those of Pushkara issued foth. And they, endowed with every virtue, accompanied by their own forces, yoked cars furnished with the efulgence of the rising Sun, and coursing at the desire of their riders.

And then there took place a mighty encounter capable of making people s down stand on end, between the sons of the lord of waters, and those of the intelligent Ravana. And in a short while that entire host of Varuna was brought down by the highly powerful councillor of that Rakshasa Dasagriva. And seeing their own forces brought to straits in the conflict and driven back in the fight with networks of shafts, and down on the ground and seeing Ravana in Pushpaka, Varuna s sons swiftly shot into the welkin with their fleet footing cars And after they had attained a station of equal vantage (with Ravana) in the sky, great was the encounter that then, took place in the sky, resembling the encounter of the Devas and the Danavas.

And turning away Ravana in the conflict by means of shafts resembling fire, they, exceedingly rejoiced, emitted various shouts. And thet Mahodara, eneraged on seeing the king sore pressed, casting of fear, and wrought up with rage, began to go around, eager for fight. And smit with his mace by Mahodara, Varuna s sons coursing at will and resembling the wind (in velocity), dropped down to the ground.

And having slain those warriors and also those horses of Varuna s sons Mahodara() seeing them lying down deprived of their cars swiftly sent up a tremendous cheer. And destroyed by Mahodara, their cars and horses together with their foremost charioteers, lay low on the earth. And then forsaking their cars, the sons of the high souled Varuna, stationed in the sky, did not experience any pain by virtue of their native power.

And having stretched their bows they pierced Mahodara, and then, all together they greatly angered prevented Ravana. As the clouds, with a thousand torrents cleave a mountain, so they, with dreadful shafts, resembling thunderbolts and discharged of the bows, pierced him. Thereupon the Dasagriva, excited with wrath like the fire of dessolution, pierced them to their very vitals with highly dreadful arrows.

And stationed above, he showered on them variegated maces, Vallas (cresent shapped arrow), Patticas, Saktis and huge Sataghnis. Thereupon with .the arrows the infantry were greatly exhausted like unto young elephants six years old, fallen in mire.

Beholding Varuna s sons thus worn out and overwhelmed the highly powerful Ravana roared in delight like unto clouds. Thereupon emitting loud cries the Rakshasa, like unto a cloud, with a downpour of diverse shafts, destroyed the ofspring of Varuna. Thereupon they were all defeated and fell dead on the ground and all their followers led away from the field of battle to their homes.

Ravana spoke unto them. Do ye communicate this to Varuna."Whereto his minister Prahasta replied unoRavana saying "O great king Varuna s sons are slain and the lord of waters, whom thou art inviting for battle, hath gone to the region of Brahma, to hear songs.

While the king is away, what is the use of taking trouble, O hero? And all these heroic sons (of Varuna) have been vanquished." Hearing these words and spreading his own name the lord of Rakshasas expressing sign of joy, issued out of Varuna s abode. And returning by the way by which he bad come, the Raksha, stationed in the welkin, proceeded towards Lanka.

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