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Hearing his mighty shouts, that lord Vaivasvata knew that his adversary had gained the day and that his own host had been destroyed.

And knowing that his forces had been slain, he, with his eyes crimsoned with passion hastily spoke unto his charioteer, Bring thou my car. And there at the charioteer brought the noble and mighty car and stood (there) and then that exceeding energetic one mounted the car. And in front (of his car) stood death, equipped with Prasas and maces in his hands, who makes nothing of this entire triune world ;incapable of deteioration.

And beside (him) was the rod of Time in its native from the divine instrument of Yama like unto a flaming fire on account of its own energy. And then on beholding Time, infuriated, tending to strike terror into all creatures, was agitated the triune universe, and trembling over took the denizons of heaven. And the charioteer urged on the steeds possessed of graceful splendour ;and arrived where the lord of Rakshasas was posted.

And in a moment those horses like unto thought(in celerity,) and resembling the steedsthemselves of Hari, took Yama where the warfare had already begun. And seeing the frightful car in that aspect with Death present in it, the ministers of the Rakshasa monarch at once took to their heels. And in consequence of their being comparatively infeior in point of strength they were deprived of their senses, and afflicted with fear ;and saying, Here we are not equal to fighting they went their way.

But seeing that car capable of striking terror into folks, the Ten necked did not expeience any agitation, nor did fear enter his heart. And approaching Ravana, Yama, enraged, discharged spears and Tomaras, and began to pierce Ravana s marrow. But Ravana, without at all feeling any smat, began to shower arrows on Vaivasvata s vehicle, resembling a downpour caused by clouds.

And again at his spacious breast, that Rakshasa who had undergone slender injury, could not resist, Yama( s arms) with hundreds of mighty darts hurled. And in this way that destroyer of foes Yama fought for seven nights with various arms; until at length his enemy was driven back and deprived of his senses. And then, O hero, there took place mighty onset between Yama and the Rakshasa both eager for victory and both never tiing of fight.

And Devas and Gandharvas and Siddhas, and the supreme saints, placing Prajapati at their head, presented themselves at the fight. And the encounter that then took place between that foremost of of Rakshasas and the lord of the Dead was like the universal upheaval. And stretching his bow resembling in spleandour the thunderbolt of Indra, he discharged arrows coveing up the sky.

And he smote Death with four, the Yama( s) charioteer with seven, and swiftly struck Yama in the marrow with hundreds and thousands of shafts. And then from foth Yama s mouth there issued darted flames with his teeth mixed with smoke, the fire of his fury. And witnessing this wonder in the presence of the Devas and Danavas, both Death and Time were fired with wrath and were filled with delight.

And the Death, growing still more wroth, addressed Vaivasvata saying; "Let me go. I shall slay this sinful Rakshasa. Even this is my native might this Rakshasa will be no more.

Hiranyakasipu, the gracaful Namuchi, and Shamvara, Nishandi and Dhumketu and Virochana s ofspring Vali, and the Daitya Shamvu that mighty monarchs, Vritra and Bana ;and Rajarshis versed in all branches of learnings and Gandharvas, and mighty Nagas, and Sages, and Pannagas and Yakshas, and swarms of Apsaras and the Earth herself containing vasty oceans and mountains and rivers and trees, at the unrolling of a Yuga all these, O mighty monarch have I brought to dissolution. All these and many more endowed with strength and incapable of being overcome, were at the very sight of me compassed with peil, and what is this ranger of the night ?Let me go. O thou cognizant of righteousness, I shall slay this one.

There is none that, albeit strong, can survive after having been seen by me. Verily .this is not mine strength, this might pertaineth to me by nature.

O Time, if seen by me, he wont live for a moment Hearing these words of his, the puissant king of righteousness spake there unto death, Do thou stay. I myself shall slay him. Then with his eyes reddened that lord, Vaivasvata, wielded with his hand the infallible dart of time; while by him lay the redoubtable noose of time and the mace in its native shape resembling fire and the thunderbolt.

He, who by his very sight draweth away the lives of creatures, what should be said of its touching and being hurled at people ?And touched by that powerful one, that mighty weapon, engist with flames, attained access of energy, and seemed to consume the Rakshasa. And in the field of battle, every one afflicted with fear, ran away from it. And beholding Yama with his rod uplifted, the Devas were agitated.

And on Yama being desirous of slaying Ravana, the great father manifesting himself spake unto Yama: O Vaivasvata, O mighty armed one, O thou of imeasurable prowess, this certainly must not be: Thou shouldst not with thy rod slay the night ranger; for, O the foremost of Devas, I have conferred a boon on him; thou shouldst not render false the words that I have uttered. Verily he, that, whether a god or a human being, who falsify my words, shall render this triune universe waste. There is no doubt about this.

If this terriffic weapon is capable of afrighting the three spheres, be discharged alike upon friends and foes, it will destroy all creatures. This rod of time, immeasurable might and incapable of being resisted by natures, was created by me as having the power of compassing the death of all beings. Therefore, O mild one you forosooth shouldst not bring it down on Ravana s head.

If this alights on any one, he doth not live for a moment. Whether on this weapon allighting, the ten necked does not do, or if he does do either way falsehood is the consequence. Therefore do thou keep thy uplifted weapon of Lanka s shores.

If thou have any care for these worlds do thou estiblish my truth. Thus addressed, Yama then ansewred, I restrain this rod.Thou art our Lord.

But as I restrain not slay this one who hath obtained a boon, what then shall I do now in the field ?Therefore shall I disappear from the sight of this Raksha. Having said this, even thus did he vanish with his car and horses; And having vanquished him and distinguished his name, he again ascended the Pushpaka and went out of the abode of Yama. And with a delighted heart Vaivasvata along with the Devas led by Brahma as well as that mighty ascetic Narada, went to the celestial regions.

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