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Having reflected thus, that foremost of Vipras endowed with fleet vigor, bent his steps towards the abode of Yama, for the purpose of relating to him all that had taken place.

And there (he) saw that god Yama sitting in front of fire and offering into it the good and evil fruits of their actions. And seeing the Maharshi Narada arrive there, Yama offering him Arghya according to the ordinance, addressed him saying, when he was seated at his ease: O Devarshi, is it well with thee ?And doth virtue deteriorate. And, why, O thou honored of Devas, and Gandharvas, dost thou come Thereat the reverened sage, Narada, said ;Hearken.

I shall tell (thee) ;and (after hearing me out) do thou what is it. O king of the Pitris, here cometh the night ranger named ten necked, for bringing thee under his sway thee who art incapable of being conquered. And, O master, for.

this reason it is that I have come hither hastily, doubtful what shall befall thee who hast the rod for thy weapon. In the meanwhile they saw the Raksha s car approach from afar, flaming and like unto the ray furnished (one) risen. And dispelling the gloom of that region with the efulgence of Pushpaka, that exceedingly powerful Rakshasa() came forward.

And the mighty armed ten necked one all around saw creatures reaping the consequences of their fair and foul acts. And there he saw Yama s soldiery along with Yama s followers, fierce forms, grim visaged and terriffic. And he saw coporeal beings undergoing torments and pain, and emitting loud cries and sharp shrieks ;preyed on by worms and fell dogs: and uttering words capable of striking pain and terror into the heat (of the hearer): and people swimming in the Vaitarani profusely running blood; and momentarily burning with hot sands; unighteous wights pierced in a wood of Asipatra, (plunged) in Raurava, in the river of borate of soda; and (cut) with razor edges; asking for drinks; and afflicted with hunger and thirst; converted into corpses, lean, woe begone, and pallid with hair lowing loosely ;having dust and filth (on their bodies), and running about distressfully with dry forms on the way saw Ravana by hundreds and by thousands.

And Ravana also saw some in front of houses engaged in merry making with songs and strains of instruments, as the fruit of their pious acts; and (saw) the giver of kine regailing themselves with milk; the dispenser of ice, feeding on the same, the bestower of abodes, enjoying mansions, as the fruit of their several acts; and persons living with damsels decked with gold and gems and jewels; and other pious folks, flaming in their native energy, all these saw Ravana lord of Rakshasas. And by his might that mighty one delivered those that were being tormented by their wicked acts. And on being liberated by that Raksha the ten necked one, those creatures in a moment began to enjoy their release, that had come to them without thought or suspense.

And on the dead being delivered by the magnanimous Rakshasa, the guards of the dead, getting enraged, rushed at the Rakshasa sovereign. And there arose a mighty tumult from all sides ;from the heroic warriors of the king of righteousness rushing (all around.) And those heroes by hundreds and by thousands assailed Pushpaka() with Prasas, and bludgeons, and darts and maces, and spears and Tomaras.

And swiftly swarming like bees, they began to break the seats, blocks, daises and gateways (of the car.) And in that conflict Pushpaka presided over by divine energy, incapable of being destroyed by virtue of Brahma power, being broken, resumed its former shape. Countless were the soldiers of that high souled one consisting hundreds and thousands of heroic warriors, (ever) forward for fight.

And according to the measure of their might his Ravana( s) councillors great heroes all, as well as the Ten faced one himself with might and main, faught with trees and crags and hundreds of blocks of buildings. And those councillors of the lord of Rakshasas, assailed with every kind of weapons, with their persons bathed in blood, faught fiercely. And O large armed one the exalted councillors of Yama and Ravana sore assailed each other with arms.

And leaving the councillors alone the highly powerful wariors of Yama rushed against Dasanana with a shower of spears. And then pierced through and through by those weapons, with his person covered with blood, the Rakshasa king appeared like a flowering Kinsuka in Pushpaka. And thereat that powerful one, by virtue of his mastery over weapons, began to hurl darts and maces, Prasas and spears and Tomaras and crags and trees.

And that terriffic shower of trees, rocks and arms, alighted on the army of Yama (fighting) on the earth. And snapping those weapons and resisting(those vollies of) arms, they smote at the Rakshasa fighting alone by hundreds and thousands. And encompassing him even as clouds encompass mountain, they rendered Ravana() inert by means of Bhindipalas and darts.

And with his mail torn open, his anger raging fiercely, and covered with blood streaming over his person, he, forsaking his car, stood upon the ground. And then furnished with his bow and holding his shafts, Ravana() regaining his senses in a short time, increased in energy and stood in the field like the finisher. And now fixing the divine Pasupata on his bow, and saying unto them, slay !slay he drew that bow.

And enraged, Ravana() resembling Rudra himself, in fight drawing his bow to his car, discharged that shaft even as Sankara had discharged at Tripura. And the appearance of the shaft was like an extinguishing fire in summer with smoke with flames, burning up a forest. And garlanded with glory that shaft followed by ghosts, in that encounter ;rushed on, burning to ashes the loose bushes and trees lying in its way.

And burnt up by its energy, the most of Vaivasvata fell down in the field like unto banners of Mahendra. And thereat the Rakshasa of terriffic prowess along with his councillors began to set up tremendous shouts; as if making the earth tremble.

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