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AS the lord of Rakshasas was ranging the earth frightening everyone, Narada foremost of ascetics, came to that wood mounted on a cloud. And thereupon saluting him, the night ranger. Ten necked one enquired after his welfare as well as the occasion of his visit.

And that Devarshi the exceedingly energetic Narada of immeasurable splendour, seated on the back of the cloud, addressed Ravana, who was stationed in Pushpaka, saying, O lord of Rakshasas, O placid one, O son of Visrava, stay. I am well pleased with thy prowess and fame. And even as Vishnu had pleased me by destroying the Daityas, thou pleased me by harassing the Gandharvas and Nagas.

I will tell thee something. If thou wouldst hear what I have to say then, O child, listen heedfully as I unfold it. Why, my child, dost thou slay these; thou art incapable of being slain by even the Devas.

All these (men) are subject to death, they are verily slain. The world of man is unworthy of being afflicted by thee who at incapable of being destroyed by Devas, Danavas Daityas, Yakshas, Gandharvas and Rakshas. Who should slay creatures, who are ever stupid in respect of their welfare, environed by mighty dangers, and encompassed by decrepitude and hundreds of.

ailments ?What sensible person can set his heart on slaying human beings who are everywhere beset with" a perrennial stream of evils. Do not thou enfeeble those beings who are already enfeebled and smitten by Divinity with hunger, thirst, old age etc. and who are overwhelmed with sorrow, and grief.

O mighty armed one, O lord of Rakshasas, behold man, albeit having their sense stupined, engaged in the pursuit of various interests, and themselves not understanding their own ways some pass their time merrily with dancing and playing on musical instruments while others weep distressfully with tears streaming from their eyes down their cheeks. And down fallen on account of their attachment for their mothers and fathers and sons, and of their desires touching their wives and friends they set small store by labours having the hereafter as their object. What then is the use of afflicting a race that is brought down ever by its own infatuation.

O placid one, this world is verily conquered by thee. These for cetain will have to repair to the abode of Yama. Therefore, O Paulastya, O captor of hostile capitals, do thou put down Yama.

On him being conquered, all will doubtless be conquered by thee. Thus addressed Lanka s lord, flaming in native energy, addressed Narada, laughing and saluting him, O thou that delightest in the sport of Devas and Gandharvas, and that takest pleasure in warfare, I am ready to go to the nethermost regions for the purpose of conquest. And conquering the three worlds, and bringing under subjection Nagas and Devas I shall for Amrita churn the nether regions.

Then the reverend sage Narada spoke Unto the Ten necked one, Who save thee can forsooth go on that journey ?Verily, O irrepressible one, O destroyer of foes, the way leading to the city of the lord of the dead is dificult of access. Thereat laughing, the Ten faced one said to the saint resembling a mass of white clouds, This is done. Therefore, O great Brahman, intent upon slaying the Vaivasvata s son, I will go by this way which leadeth to the king the ofspring of the sun.

And, O master, from wrath I have vowed that I will, eager for encounter, O reverend one, conquer the four Lokapalas. Then here go I to the city of the lord of the Pitris; and I am determined to compass the death of him that visiteth creatures with smat. Having delivered himself thus and saluted the sage, he, entering the southern way with his councillors, proceeded along.

And the exceedingly energetic Narada best of Brahmans resembling a smokeless fire, remaining rapt for a while, began to reflect; How can Ravana() conquer Time who, when its life waneth, righteously visiteth with affliction the time, sphere with Indra, fraught with mobile and immobile. How can this lord of Rakshasas, of himself, go to him who, resembling another fire, beareth to the gifts and acts (of persons), that high souled one of whom attaining consciousness, people put foth their activity; and afflicted with the fear of whom these three worlds fall away? How can Ravana() subdue him who ordaineth things both great and small, who meteth rewards and punishments for good and bad acts, and who himself hath conquered the three worlds ?Resorting to what other means shall Ravana secure (victory) ?I am curious about it: To Yama s abode shall I go for witnessing the encounter between Yama and the Rakshasa."

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