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Hearing those words of his, the exceedingly energetic Kumbhayoni spoke as follows, "Having regard to his Indrajit( s) energy and might, I shall relate unto thee the history of his race, in the light of which thou wilt perceive why Ravana s son had been capable of slaying his enemies, but could not himself be slain by them. I shall, O Raghava, describe unto thee Ravana s race and birth, as well as tbe boon that had been conferred on him. Formerly in the Krita age, O Rama, there was a Brahmarshi lord (of creatures) son unto Prajapati, and like unto the very self of the great father.

His virtues, springing from righteousness and excellency of character, are past all delineation ;I can only say that, forsooth, he went by the name of Prajapati s son. Verily on account of his being the son of Prajapati, he was the darling of the deities ;as by virtue of his spotless perfections, that magnanimous one was loved of all creatures. And on a religious mission that foremost of ascetics, repairing to the asylum of Trinavindu at the side of the mighty mountain, Meru, took up his abode there.

And with his senses centered on the study of the Vedas, that riglttcous souled one, going to the hermitage, carried on austerities ;but his religious rites were disturbed by certain girls. And daughters of sages and Pannagas and those of Rajarshis, as well as those of Apsaras, sporting, arrived at that quarter. And on account of every season being genial at that spot and also of the loveliness of the wood, the damsels, repairing to this place, ever disport there.

And on account of the beauty of that region, those wenches, coming to where that twice born one, Pulastya was, used to sing, to play on instruments, and to dance ;and thus those blameless beauties disturbed the rites of that anchoret practising austerities. Thereat, the mighty ascetic, waxing wroth, said, She that comes within my kin, shall conceive. Hearing the words of the high souled one, (the damsels), afraid of a Brahmana s curse, ceased to haunt that, place.

But Trinavindu s daughter had not heard anything of all this ;and, going to the asylum, she ranged it fearlessly. And she did not see there any of her associates come to that spot. And at that time that exceedingly energetic and mighty sage, Prajapati s son, with his soul sanctified through asceticism, was engaged in the study of the Veda.

And, hearing the sounds of Vaidika recitation, and seeing that storehouse of asceticism, she had her body turned pale, and signs of pregnancy displayed themselves. And, seeing that evil befall her, she was wrought up with anxiety ;and, understanding matters, she said, What is this And, going to her father s hermitage, stayed there. And, seeing her in this condition, Trinavindu said, Wherefore is the person that thou bearest unlike what it used to be Thereat, in woe begone guise, with joined hands, his daughter replied unto that one having asceticism for his riches, O father, cause know I none whereby I have come by this appearance.

But, searching for my associates,1 had ere this alone repairedto the noble asylum of the Maharshi Pulastya of a purifiedspirit.But associate found there I none, that had comethither.And seeing this change for the worse of my form,I from fear have come hither.

Thereat the Rajarshi,Trinavindu, having a. live effulgence through asceticism, entered into contemplation, and saw the consequence of the sage s act. And coming to know that curse of the Maharshi of a purified spirit, he, taking his daughter, went to Pulastya and said, O worshipful one, O mighty sage, do thou accept this daughter of mine, adorned with her native perfections, who of herself hath come to thee as alms.

She will, without doubt, constantly tend thee, practising asceticism, and having thy senses fatigued. When that virtuous (sage) had said this, the twice born Rajarshi, desirous of accepting the girl (after due nuptial rites), said unto the former, Well Having given away his daughter, the king went .(back) to his asylum ;and the girl stayed there, gratifying her husband with her virtues.

And that best of ascetics was gratified with her character and behavior. And well pleased (with her), that highly energetic one said, O thou of shapely hips, well pleased am I with thee with thy wealth of worth, and therefore, O exalted one, I will to day confer on thee a son like unto thyself, who will perpetuate both the lines being celebrated as Paulastya. And as thou hadst heard the Veda recited by me, so, without doubt, he shall be named Visrava.

i Thus addressed, that noble damsel with her soul wrought up with delight, in a short time brought forth her son Visrava, famed over the three worlds and furnished with virtue and fame ;versed in the Vedas, of an impartial spirit, and ever engaged in observing vows. And the ascetic, Visrava, was furnished with asceticism even like his sire.

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