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Having vanquished Marutta, that lord of Rakshasas the Ten faced one eager for encounter, began to range the capitals of the foremost monarchs. And coming to the most powerful crowned heads resembling Mahendra and Varuna, the Rakshasa king said: Give me battle; or declare we have been defeated.

This I am resolved upon. Otherewise there is no escape for you r" Thereat those wise kings, possessed of great strength, and ever abiding by righteousness, being frightened (at Ravana s intimidation), took counsel of each other. And knowing the superior strength of the foe, they said, We have been defeated.

Dushkanta, O child, and Suratha, and Gadhi, and Gaya and king Pururava all these kings said: We have been defeated. And then Ravana sovereign of the Rakshasas presented himself before Ayodhya, governed by Anaranya, like Amaravati ruled by Sakra. And coming to that foremost of men king like unto Purandara himself in prowess, Ravana said, Give me battle; or say I have been defeated.

This is my mandate. The lord of Ayodhya, on hearing the words of that wicked minded one, Anaranya, enraged, addressed the Rakshasa chief, saying, O king of Rakshasas, I will give thee combat, stay thou. At once prepare for fight, and I also shall go and prepare myself.

And when he had heard everything (regarding Ravana ),the forces of that foremost of kings that had been intended. for conquering Ravana(), sallied forth ready for bringing about the destruction of the Raksha, ten thousand elephants, a Niyuta horse, and many thousands of cars and infantry, O best of men ;and, that host consisting of infantry and cars, marched for encounter, covering up the earth. And then, O thou proicient in fight, there took place a mighty and wonderful encounter between king Anaranya and that lord of Rakshasas.

And that host, of the king encountering the forces of Ravana, were extinguished like unto clarified butter thrown into the (sacificial) fire. And having faught valorously for a long time, the remnant of the royal forces, suddenly coming in contact with the flaming Rakshasa ranks, were destroyed like unto swarms of locusts entering into fire. And he saw the mighty army of that powerful monarch destroyed by the (adversary), like unto a hundred streams absorbed by an approaching ocean.

And then himself drawing his bow resembling the bow itself of Sakra, that foremost of sovereigns, beside himself with wrath, approached Ravana. And brought down by Anaranya, his Ravana( s )councillors Maricha, Suka, and Sarana with Prahasta, took to their heels like unto dear. And then that son of the Ikshwaku race discharged eight hundred arrows at Ravana s head.

And like unto showers pouring down on the top of a mountain, his shafts did not inflict any wound (on Ravana). And then the king, smitten on the head with a slap by the enraged king of Rakshasas, dropped down from his car. And the king, deprived of his senses, fell down on the earth, with his body trembling all over; as falls in a forest a Sala scathed with heaven s fire.

And thereat the Raksha, laughing, spoke unto that Ikshwaku, lord of the earth, What is this that thou hast gathered as the fruit of thy encounter with me. O king, there is none in this triune sphere that can combat with me. Having hitheto been sunk in lunacy,, thou hast not heard of my strength.

As he was speaking thus, the king, whose sounds were fast running out said: What can I do in this matter. Verily time is incapable of being controlled. I have been overcome by Time; thou art merely an instrument.

What can I do now, when I am going to lose my life ?I never turned away from fight; I have been slain fighting. But, O Rakshasa, I shall tell thee something in consequence of the disgrace that the Ikshwaku race has met with (to day). If I have practised charity, if I have offered oblations into fire, if I have carried on pious, penances, if I.

have governed my people well, then be my words verified! There shall spring in the line of the high souled Ikshwaku, one named Rama son unto Dasaratha, who shall deprive thee of thy life. As he uttered this imprecation, the celestial kettle drums sounded like the roaring of clouds; and blossoms showered down from the sky. And then, that best of kings, went to heaven ;and when that king had gone to the celestial regions, the Rakshasa (also )went away.

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