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When Vedavati had entered into fire, Ravana, ascending Pushpaka, began to range the earth.Andcoming to Usiraviga, Ravana saw a king(named)Marutta, sacrificing along with the Devas. And a righteous Brahmarshi named Samvatta, the very brother of Brihaspati, officiated at the sacrifice accompanied by the Devas.

And seeing that Raksha invincible by reasoned the boon he had received, the Devas, apprehensive of being worsted by him, assumed the forms of beasts. And Indra became a peacock and the king of righteousness, a crow, and the bestower of riches a lizard, and Varuna a swan ;and, O slayer of foes, others also became other beasts. And then Ravana entered into that sacrifice like an unclean dog.

And then coming up to the king, Ravana lord of Rakshasas said Give me battle, or say, I am defeated. Whereat king Marutta asked, him Who at thou ?And Ravana laughing in contempt said, O king, I am delighted, that lacking curiosity, thou dost not dishonour Ravana, younger brother unto the bestower of riches. What other man is there in these three regions that knoweth not the might of me, who, conqueing my brother, has got possession of this car.

Thereat Marutta spoke unto Ravana, saying, Blessed for sooth at thou, by whom thy elder brother hath been vanquished in fight ;and a person so praisewothy there is not in the three worlds. An act, that is divorced from righteousness and that is reprehended by people, can never be praisewothy. Having committed a foul act, plumest thou upon thy having vanquished thy brother ?And practising what piety hadst thou a fortune received the boon ?I had never before heard the like of what thou sayest.

But O perverse one, stay now. Living thou shalt not back. To day with my sharpened shafts shall I despatch thee to the abode of Yama.

Then taking up his bow and arrows, that king of men went out for encounter; but Samavatta stood in the way. And that great sage said unto Marutta words informed with affection If thou hear my speech, thou shouldst not fight. If this Maheshvara sacrifice should remain incomplete, it will burn up thy dynasty.

Where is the fight of one initiated in a sacrifice? And where is the passion of one initiated in a sacrifice ?And victory is ever uncetain ;and the Rakshasa is dificult to vanquish. And thereupon, the lord of Earth Marutta desisted in consonance with the instructions of his spiitual preceptor; and composed addressed himself to completing the sacrifice, giving up his bow with the arrow set. And thereat considering him as defeated, Suka proclaimed this all round; and from delight cried aloud, Victory unto Ravana And then devouring the Maharshis that were present at the place of sacrifice, Ravana, satiated with their blood, again went to the earth.

On Ravana having departed, the Devas, inhabiting the etherial regions Indra etc. assuming their proper forms, addressed those creatures. And from joy Indra spoke unto the purple plumed peacock, Pleased am I with thee thou righteous one.

No fear shall spring to thee from serpents; and thy plumage shall be furnished with an hundred eyes. And when I shall shower, thou shalt be filled with glee as a token of my satisfaction with thee. Thus did Indra chief of Devas, confer a boon on the peacock.

Formerly, O king, the peacock s wings had one unvaried blue. Having received the boon, the peacock departed. Then O Rama, the king of righteousness said unto the crow, seated in ront of the sacriicial apatment O bird, I am well pleased with thee.

Listen to my words as I utter them. As I have been pleased with thee, thou shalt without doubt, enjoy immunity from the various ailments to which the birds are subject. And O bird, from my curse fear of death shall not approach thee; and thou shalt exist so long as people do not slay thee.

And those men residing in my dominion, being smitten with hunger, shall be refreshed along with thy relations, when thou hast eaten and been refreshed. Then Varuna addressed that lord of bird. the swan ranging the waters of the Ganga, Listen to my words fraught with joy, thy hue shall be charming, mild, and like unto the lunar disc ;and it shall be beautiful, resembling the sheen of spotless foam.

And approaching my person thou shalt ever be beautiful to behold ;and thou shalt, as a sign of my gratiication, attian unparalleled complacence. Formerly, O Rama, swans had not a hue of one unvaried whiteness. Their wings ended in, bins, and their breasts wore the spotless hue of tender grass.

And then Vaisravana addressed the chameleon as it was stationed at the mountain: Thy hue shall be gold gleaming. Pleased am I with thee. Thy undeteriorating head shall be ever gold hued.

And this golden hue of thine shall proceed from my gratiication Having thus conferred boons on them at that festal place, the Devas, along with the king, (on the sacrifice )having ended, went to their abode.

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