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Accompanied by his six counsellors Mahodara and Prahasta, Maricha, Suka and Sarana, and the heroic Dhumraksha eager for encounter the graceful Ravana, elated with his strength sallied out, as if consuming all creatures with his wrath. And leaving behind cities streams and hills and woods and groves, he in a moment came to the mountain Kailasa.

And hearing that wicked minded lord of Rakshasas, breathing high spirits, had arrived at the mount in company with his counsellors, the Yakshas could not stay before that Raksha, and knowing This is the king s brother, went to where the lord of riches was. Going to him they in full related all about the doings of his brother. And on being permitted by the bestower of treasures, they went out for battle.

And then, like unto the agitation of the ocean, there took place a mighty ferment of the forces of the Nairita king, as if making the mountais tremble. And then there took place an encounter between the Yakshas and the Rakshasas ;and therein the councillors of the Rakshasa were smitten fiercely. And finding his forces in that plight, Dasagriva set up full many a cheerful shout and in wrath began to speak.

Of the councillors of the Rakshasa chief, each coped with a thousand Yakshas. And then struck with maces and clubs and swords and darts and Tomaras, the Ten necked one dived into (that deep) of a host. And rendered inert and sore assailed, Dasanana was deprived of his movements with vollies of weapons remembling torrents of rain.

And albeit drenched with blood streaming down in hundreds of torrents, he like a mountain flooded with a downpour, being wounded with the weapons of the Yakshas, doth not betray any smart. And that high souled one, raising up his mace resembling the rod itself of Time, entered into that army, despatching Yakshas to the abode of Yama. And as a flaming fire burneth up an extensive sward of grass stocked with dry fire wood, he began to consume that Yaksha army.

And as the wind scattereth clouds, the small remnant of Yaksha army was scattered by the redoubtable councillors (of Ravana) Mahodara, Suka, etc. And some were wounded, and (some) broken down, and (some) measured their lengths on the ground in the encounter, and other Yakshas deprived of their arms in the field, being fatigued, sank down, embracing each other, even as banks drop down, on being worn away by water. And no room was left (in the sky) in consequence of its being thronged by hosts of sages ;and warriors, wounded and rushing for conlfict, and (finally) ascending heaven And finding the foremost Yakshas endowed with great strength give way.

the mighty armed lord of riches despatched (other) Yakshas. In the meantime, O Rama, a Yaksha named Sanyodhakantaka, accompanied by an extensive force and a large number of vehicles, on being despatched, rushed (on the foe). And wounded in the conflict (by Sanyodhakantaka) with his discus, as if by Vishnu hismself, Maricha toppled down to the ground from the mountain, like unto a planet whose merit hath waned, And in a moment regaining his consciousness and resting (for a while), that night ranger fought with the Yaksha ;and thereat, on being defeated, he fled.

Then Ravana() entered within the gate way (of the palace), garnished with gold, and decked with Lapises and silver, And thereat, O king, the warder named Suryyabhanu prevented the night ranger Dasagriva as he was entering. And albeit prevented, the night ranger entered in. And when, O Rama, that Rakshasa was prevented, he did not stay.

And then struck by that Yaksha with the gate way uprooted, he, discharging blood in streams, looked like a hill with minerals running on it. And hit with that gate way resembling a mountain summit in splendour, that hero did not sustain any injury, on account of the boon he had received from the Self sprung. And on being struck by the same gate way, the Yaksha ceased to be seen, his body having then been consumed to ashes.

And witnessing the prowess of the Raksha, all began to flee ;and then they afflicted with affright, fatigued, and with pale faces, entered into rivers and caves, leaving their arms behind."

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