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And once on a time it came to pass that, despatched by the lord of creatures, Sleep in her (native) form powerfully overpowered Kumbhakarna. And then Kumbhakarna spoke unto his brother, who was seated, O king, Sleep obstructs me. Do thou, therefore, have my mansion made.

And, thereupon, employed by the king, architects resembling Viswakarma constructed an edifice beautiful to behold, measuring the smooth space of a Yojana diagonally and two in area; graceful to the view.and having no obstruction (to hide its beauty). And the Rakshasa caused a splendid and delightful pile to be built, adorned all round with pillars decked with gold and crystal, having stairs composed of Lapises,furnished with networks of small bells, set with ivory gateways, and containing daises dight with diamonds and crystal, elegant throughout, and enduring, like unto a goodly cave of Maru.

And there, overcome with slumber, the wondrous strong Kumbhakarna, lying down for many thousand years, did not wake up. And while Kumbhakarna was overpowered by sleep, Dasanana without let began to destroy Devarshis, Yakshas and Gandharvas, and going to graceful gardens, Nandana, etc, he devastated them (ruthlessly). And that Rakshasa spread destruction, even as an elephant sporting agitates a river, as the wind bringeth down trees, or as the thunder bolt riveth mountain peaks.

Hearing of the doings of Dasagriva, and remembering his conduct chiming in with his race, the righteous lord of riches Vaisravana showing his fraternal afection, despatched a messenger to Lanka, seeking the welfare of Dasagriva. And going to the city of Lanka, he presented himself before Vibhishana. And having received him with honor, he asked him as to the cause of his visit.

And having enquired after the welfare of the king as well as his kindred, Vibhishana, showed him unto Dasanana seated in his court. And seeing the king there flaming in his own energy, he (the messenger), saluting him Ravana() with the word Jaya stood silent. And the envoy addressed Dasagriva seated on a superb couch, graced with a costly coverlet, O king, I shall tell thee all that thy brother hath said, worthy of both the character and race of your father and mother, Enough of wrong doing.

Now thou shouldst mend thy ways. If thou canst, stay in righteousness. I have seen Nandana ravaged ;and I have heard of the sages slain, and O king, of the preparations the Devas are making against thee.

I have been utterly disregarded by thee ;but even if a boy should transgress, he should for all that be protected by his friends. Self restrained and controlling my senses, I, adopting a terrific vow, had gone to the breast of the Himavan for practising righteousness. There I saw that lord of the gods in company with Uma.

There I happened to cast my left on the goddess, for knowing, O mighty king, who she is, and not for any other reason. Rudrani was staying there, wearing a surpassing form. Thereupon through the great energy of the goddess my left eye was burnt and made to be covered with dust, and its lustre became tawny.

Then I, going to another spacious peak of the mountain, beame engaged in silently observing a mighty vow. Once the term of restraint having been complete, that lord of the Devas Maheshvara with a gratified heart addressed me, saying, O righteous one, O thou of, fair vows, I am well pleased with this asceticism of thine. I also had observed your vow ;and thou also, O lord of riches, hast done the same, A third person there is none that practiseth such a vow.

This vow is hard to perform, and formerly it was I that produced it. Therefore, O mild one, O lord of riches, do you contract friendship with me. And thou hast conquered me by thy penances.

Therefore, O sinless one, be thou my friend. And this thy left eye hath been burnt through the energy of the goddess, and hath turned tawny in consequence of having seen the grace of the goddess ;so thy name shall now be Ekakshipingali. Then at Sankara s command I have obtained the pivilege of companionship (with him).

Having come here I have heard of thy evil designs. Do thou then desist from this impious course, tending, to sully thy line. The Devas along with the sages are pondering over the means of compassing thy death.

Thus addressed, the Ten neked one, with his eyes reddened in wrath, rubbing his hands and knashing his teeth, said, O messenger, I have learnt what thou hast uttered. Neither thou nor this brother of mine by whom thou hast been despatched, (shall live) ;Nor doth the keeper of riches say what is for my good. And that fool makes me hear the circumstance of his having made freinds with Maheshvara.

I shall never forgive what thou hast said. Up to this I had borne him, considering that he, being my elder brother and as such my superior should not be slain by me. But now heaing his (utterances), even this is my resolve.

Depending upon the might of my arms, I shall conquer the three worlds. On his account solely I shall on the instant despatch the four Lokapalas to the abode of Death. Having said this, Lanka s lord killed the emissary with his sword and made him over to the wicked Rakshasas for being eaten.

Then, having performed Swastyayana, Ravana, ascending his car, went to where the lord of riches was, bent on conquering the three worlds."

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