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Having thus gone for more than a half Yojana, the descendant of Raghu espied Sarayu of holy waters flowing towards the west.

And having crossed that river of rising waves to some extent, Rama, with his followers arrived at the place where he should give up his person. Thereupon at that moment, Brahma, the grandfather of all encircled by all high souled Devas and with hundred kotis of celestial cars, arrived there where Kakuthstha had adressed himself to repair to heaven. The aerial way was full of lustre but its brilliance was increased the more by the native effulgence of the inhabitants of heavens, always performing pious actions.

There blew the holy, fragrant and delightful winds and there fell profusely celestial flowers from the hands of the Devas. The place was filled with the noise of hundreds of bugles sounded by Gandharvas and Apsaras. And then Rama prepared himself to descend to the waters of Sarayu.

Thereupon the Patriarch gave vent to the following accents from tho welkin "Come O Vishnu ;may good betide thee ;by our good fortune thou art coming here; O Raghava hear O thou having mighty arms, do thou enter here with thy brothers, resembling the Devas in billiance in whatever form thou likest either in that of the sky or in thy own vishnu form. Thou art the refuge of the creatures nobody knoweth thee. Thou art above the range of thought; great immortal and imperishable; nobody knoweth thee save Maya, having wide eyes, thy former spouse.

Do thou enter here thyself in whatever effulgent form thou likest." Hearing the words of the Patriarch and determining everything the high minded Rama entered there bodily with his brothers in his Vishnu form. Thereupon all the Devas Sadhyas Maruts, headed by Indra and Agni worshipped that deity, Vishnu.

So did all the celestial Rishis, Gandharvas Apsaras, Suparnas, Nagas, Yakhsas, Pisachas, Danavas and Rakshasas. Thereupon eulogising him the Devas said "Our region is now freed from sins and all here have been delighted and all their desires have been fulilled." Thereupon the highly effulgent Vishnu said to the Patriarch Brahma: "It behoveth thee, O thou of good vows, to allot to those people their proper regions.

These illustious ones have followed me out of love. They are worthy of my respect for they are my devotees and have renounced their persons for me." Hearing the words of Vishnu, the lord Brahma, father of all creatures, said: All these people who have come here shall go to the region named Santanaka.

This region is intended even for him, who though born in the most degraded state, thinks of all objects as Vishnu. There is no question about their attaining to this region who, out of devotion, have followed thee and renounced their persons. This region has all the attibutes of the Brahma region and is next to it.

The Vanaras and bears shall enter into their respective celestial forms. They shall enter into the Devas from whom they had respectively originated. Sugriva shall enter into the Sun s region.

And they shall obtain their respective fathers forms among the Devas present." The lord of the Devas having said this, all those who were present at the holy pilgimage of Goparatra descended into the waters of Sarayu with eyes full of tears of joy. Having bathed there, given up their lives delightedly and renounced their human forms they ascended the celestial cars.

And having obtained the waters of Sarayu, hundreds of those that were born in the race of birds attained to the land of immortals obtaining the respective celestial forms (they had before). And in those celestial forms, they looked effulgent like the Devas. And going to the waters of Sarayu all objects, mobile and immobile, having bathed there, repaired to heaven.

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