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After the night had expired the highly illustious Rama having a spacious breast and eyes like lotus petals said to the priest: Let the brilliant umbrellas Agnihotra, and Vajapeya go with the Brahmanas before, which look well in the great road." Thereupon the highly effulgent Vasishta arranged duly all the ceremonies necessary for going to the next world. Thereupon wearing a thin cloth, holding kusa grass by his fingers, and reciting Vedic hymns he proceeded to the banks of Sarayu.

Having given up all actions of senses, and suffered the pains of going on foot he issued out of the city speechless like unto the burning sun. On his right hand side was the lotus handed Sree, on his left hand side was the goddess Earth and before him was the power of destruction. Various arrows, huge bows, and daggers, assuming forms followed him.

And also went with him the four Vedas in the shape of the Brahmanas, the all protecting Gayatri, Omkara and Vasatkara. The high souled Rishis and great Asuras followed the high souled Rama to the open gates of heaven. All the female servants, old and young, the damsels of the seraglio accompanied by servants having no manhood, Bharata and Lakshmana accompanied by their wives, followed him with Agnihotra.

All those high souled ones, assembled there with Agnihotra and followed Kakuthstha with their wives and children. The ministers and the servants, with their sons, beasts and fiends, followed Rama delightedly. Thereupon all the subjects healthy and delighted went after Raghava, attracted by his accomplishments and cleansed of their sins.

All the females and males, with their beasts, birds and friends, delightedly followed Raghava. Bathed and delighted all the Vanaras, healthy and joyous following Rama, created a continued tumult. There was none poorly, aggrieved or miserable all of them appeared wonderfully happy and delighted.

When Rama issued out of the city, whoever came to see him followed him being desirous of going to heaven. Rikshas, Vanaras and Rakshasas and all the citizens, followed him with great devotion and collected minds. And all other animals, that were beyond the view of all in the city went after Raghava proceeding to heaven.

All creations mobile and immobile whoever beheld Kakuthstha followed him. All beings Ayodhya, whoever breathed and are very minute, accompanied Rama.

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