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Having been despatched by Rama, quick moving emissaries speedily arrived at Mathura. Continually travelling for three nights and days, they arived there and communicated unto Satrughna the intelligence. Having informed him of the renouncing of Lakshmana, Rama s promise and the following of the citizens they said: The intelligent Rama has reared for Kusi the spacious city of Kusavati at the foot of the Vindhya range.

The city of Sravanti has been reared for Lava, and the mighty car wariors Rama and Bharata, making Ayodhya void of men, have addressed themselves for repairing to heaven." Having speedily communicated unto him this intelligence the emissaries took rest. Thereupon they asked Satrughna to proceed soon.

Observing the dreadful destruction of his race, Satrughna sent for his subjects and priests and informed them of everything. He also communicated unto them his own destruction with his brothers. Thereupon the king Satrughna determined upon installing his two sons in the kingdom.

Suvahu was placed on the throne of Mathura and Satrughati became the king of Vidisha. Having thus established Suvahu in Mathura, and Satrughati in Vidisha, the great hero Satrughna ascended his car and went to Ayodhya. And there he saw the great Rama, clothed in silk raiment burning like fire in the midst of the ascetics.

Thereupon remembering his duty he saluted Rama, conversant with piety and with folded hands said "I have placed my two sons on the throne of my kingdom. I have now resolved upon following thee, O King. O hero, do not command me otherwise.

I pray only that I may not neglect thy command." Thereupon understanding the firm resolution of Satrughna, the descendant of Raghu agreed. Immediately after Rama had said this, Vanaras assuming shapes at will Rikshas and Rakshas, began to assemble there.

Apprised of Rama s determination of going to heaven, Vanaras, born of the Devas, Rishis and Gandharvas taking Sugriva before them, came there to see Rama. And they all said "O Rama, O foremost of men, if thou dost repair to heaven forsaking us all, it will be hurling Yama s rod upon us." The highly powerful Sugriva too saluting Rama said: "O lord of men, having placed Angada on the throne I have come hither.

I have determined upon following thee, O King." Hearing the words of Vanaras, Rama said that their desire would be fulilled. He then said to Vibhishana the king of Rakshasas: As long as people shall breathe, O Vibhishana, O highly powerful lord of Rakshasas, thou shalt preserve thy body in Lanka.

As long as the moon, the sun and the earth shall exist and as long as my story shall remain current, thy kingdom shall be in existence. Thou didst, out of fiendship, carry out my behests and perform my works. Do thou piously govern thy subjects.

I should not speak any thing else. What shall I say more unto thee, O highly powerful lord of Rakshasas. Worship Jagannatha (the lord of the world), the presiding deity of the Ikshwaku race.

Having thus addressed the king of Rakshasas always obeying Raghava s command, Kakuthstha said to Hanuman "It is settled that thou shalt live forever, do thou, now observe thy promise. As long as my history shall run current in this world do thou at my command live happily." Being thus addressed by the high souled Raghava Hanuman attained to great delight and said: As long as the sacred theme shall pass current in this world I shall live here carrying out thy commands.

Thereupon he said to the Jambavan, Brahma s son, Mainda, Dvivida and five others in his company: "As long as the Kali Yuga exists do ye all live." Having thus addressed them all Kakuthstha said to Rikshas and Vanaras. "Do ye come all with me.

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