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Having forsaken Lakshmana and being stricken with sorrow and grief Rama said to his citizens and ministers "Having placed the pious and heroic Bharata on the throne of Ayodhya I shall to day repair to woods. Do ye, without any delay collect there all aticles of installation.

I shall follow the way which has been wended by Lakshmana." Hearing the words of Raghava, the subjects with their heads downwards remained motionless like so many dead bodies. Heaing Rama s words Bharata was also stupified and speaking ill of the kingdom, said "O King, I swear by truth, that far from kingdom I do not wish to live in heaven even without thee: O King, of these two princes, Kusi and Lava, do thou place Kusi in Kosala and Lava in North Kosala: And let quick moving emissaries go to Satrughna and communicate unto him the intelligence of our going there.

Heaing those words of Bharata and beholding the subjects striken with sorrow having their heads downwards, said "Behold, O Rama, the subjects have placed themselves on the ground. Do thou, therefore; apprised of their intention, satisfy their desire." Raising up the subjects according to the words of Vasishta Rama said "What good can I do for you!" Heaing Rama s words they said: O King, we shall follow thee wherever thou shalt go.

If thou hast any love or affection for the citizens do thou permit them that they may follow thy good path with their wives and children. O lord, if thou dost not forsake us, let us all go wherever thou wilt, be it a forest, an intractable tract, a river or an ocean. O great king, by this we shall be greatly delighted.

We pray for this boon only. Our delight consists in following thee in everything." Observing such a firm devotion of the citizens Rama agreed to that.

Thereupon having gone through his duties he installed Kusi in the kingdom of Kosala and Lava in the nothern country. Having thus installed the high souled and heroic Kusi and Lava and conferred upon each of them thousand chariots, Ayuta Nagas, Ayuta horses and various jewels and riches he established them in their respective kingdoms. Having thus settled the princes he despatched an emissary to Satrughna.

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