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The lord of Rakshasas was installed along with his brothers.

And then he thought of the giving way in marriage of his Rakshasi sister.Then that Rakshasa bestowed his sister, the Rakshasi Surpanakha, on that lord of the Danavas and king of the Kalakas Vidyujjihva.And having given her away, the Raksha was wandeing about for the purpose of hunting, when, 0 Rama, he happened to see Diti s son, named Maya.

And seeing him accompanied by his daughter, that night ranger the Ten necked one asked him, saying, Who art thou that (wanderest )alone in this forest devoid of men as well as deer ?And art thou accompanied by this one having the eyes of a young deer Thereat Maya, O Rama, answered that night ranger, when he had asked this, Listen. I shall tell thee all about this. Thou mayst here this have heard of an Apsara named Hema.

She like unto the Paulomi of Satakratu was bestowed on me by the gods. And I passed a thousand years, being devoted to her. Thirteen years have passed away since she had gone on a business of the Devas, as also the fourteenth year.

Then I through my extraordinary skill constructed a golden palace, adorned with diamonds and lapises. There I dwelt, aggrieved and sorrowful on account of her separation. From thence, taking my daughter, I have come to this wood.

This, O king, is my daughter, grown in her womb. I have come hither with her, seeking for her husband. Verily being father to a daughter is misery to every one that seeketh one s honour.

A daughter, forsooth, stayeth, ever placing the two lines in uncetainty. And on this wife of mine I have also begat two sons the first is Mayavi and the next Dundubhi. Thus have I truly related everything unto thee that hadst asked for it.

But, my child, how can I know thee now ?Who art thou? Thus addressed, the Raksha humbly said, Ten necked by name, I am the son of the ascetic, Paulastya, who was born as the third son of Brahma. Thus accosted, O Rama, by that lord of Rakshasas, that Danava and foremost of Danavas, Maya, learning that he was the son of the Maharshi,Paulastya, there desired in his heat to give away his daughter to him. And taking her hand with his own, Maya lord of Daityas laughing, said unto that lord of the Rakshasas, This daughter of mine, O king, borne by the Apsara, Hema, this my daughter named Mandodari do thou accept as thy wife.

Well thereupon the Ten necked answered him, O Rama. And lighting a fire, he took her hand. Maya, O Rama, knew the curse of the sage touching him.

Knowing this, he gave away his daughter, having regard to the race of Ravana s paternal grand father ;and he also conferred on him an exceedingly wonderful dart acquired through the most rigid austerities, by which he wounded Lakshmana. Having thus wedded, that master Lanka s lord going (back) to that city, married his brothers. And Ravana married the grand daughter of Virochana (on the maternal side) named Vajrajwala, to Kumbhakarna.

And Vibhishana obtained for his wife the righteous(damsel) named Sarama daughter unto the high souled Sailusha sovereign of the Gandharvas.(Sarama)was born on the shores of the lake, Manasa. And while the lake, Manasa, was swollen with water on the arrival of the rains, her mother, hearing her cries, afectionately said, Saromavarddhata O lake, do not swell, and from this circumstance, her name became Sarama.

Having thus wedded, those Rakshasas, taking each his wife, set about sporting there, like unto Gandharvas sporting in Nandana. And then was born Mandodari s son, Meghanada. Him ye call Indrajit.

As soon as he was born, Ravana s son, formerly crying, emitted a tremendous roar resembling the rumbling of clouds. And, O Raghava, Lanka was petriied at his voice ;and (accordingly) his sire himself kept his name, Meghanada. And, O Rama, remaining hidden like a fire by fuel, Ravana s son, rejoicing (the bosoms of) his father and mother, grew up in Ravana s elegant inner apatments.

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