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Therupon beholding Rama with his head downwards and poorly like unto the moon possessed by Rahu Lakshmana, delightedly and with sweet words, said "Be not aggrieved for me, O thou having mighty arms. Such is the course of time ;the movements of creatures are destined by their pristine actions, good or bad. O gentle one, do thou satisfy thy promise slaying me without any hesitation.

0 Kakuthstha, those, who cannot carry out their promises, repair to hell. O great king, if thou hast any love or afection for me, do thou satisfy thy promise by fearlessly slaying me." Hearing those words of Lakshmana Rama s mind was greatly moved.

Thereupon having invited his priests and ministers there he communicated unto them his promise and Durvasa s arrival. Hearing it the ministers and priests remained silent. Thereupon Vasishta, of unmitigated efulgence, said "O highly illustrious and mighty armed Rama, 1 knew before by virtue of my asceticism, of this thy present destruction and separation from Lakshmana.

Time is powerful ;do not falsify thy promise. Promise not carried out, brings on the destruction of virtue. And on the wane of virtue, forsooth, the three worlds, with Devas, saints, mobile and immobile creations, shall be destroyed.

Therefore, O foremost of men, do thou protect, the Universe by sufering separation from Lakshmana, in the interest of the preservation of the three worlds." All other ministers and priests agreed with Vasishta s words. Thereupon hearing their moral counsels, Rama said to Lakshmana before the assembly "O Lakshmana, it is not proper to act against morality, I do therefore renounce thee ;for the pious hold that destruction and renounciation are all the same.

Rama saying this, Lakshmana did not go to his own house, but with eyes full of tears specially repaired therefrom. Having reached the banks of Sarayu and rinsed his mouth he stood there with folded palms. And having obstructed all passages he did not breathe any more.

Lakshmana, the younger brother of Rama, being thus engaged in penances, having obstructed his breath, Apsaras, Indra and other Devas and Rishis showered flowers on him. Thereupon beyond the sight of men, having taken the highly powerful Lakshmana within his body. the king of Devas entered his own city.

Thereupon beholding Lakshmana, the fouth portion of Vishnu arived at their city the Devas were greatly delighted and engaged in his worship.

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