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While Rama and Kala were thus conversing with one another, the great ascetic Durvasa arrived at the gate for seeing Rama and approaching Lakshmana said: O Saumitri, do thou soon take me to Rama; my time goes away, so do thou take me first." Hearing the words of the ascetic, Lakshmana, the slayer of enemies worshipping the feet of that high souled one, said "O illustrious Sir, kindly mention thy business. What is thy object ?Order me what I am to do.

Rama is engaged in some business so kindly wait here for some time." Hearing those words that foremost of Rishis, Durvasa, impatient with rage, said with blood red eyes: O Saumitri, if dost thou not go even this very moment and communicate unto Rama my arrival, I shall impricate thee, Rama, Bharata, Satrughna, your sons and grand sons. I shall curse also thy kingdom and cities.

I cannot any longer restrain my growing fire." Hearing those dreadful and resolute words of the Rishi, Lakshmana thought within himself: My own destruction is far more desirable than that of all." Having thus resolved Lakshmana approached Rama and communicated unto him the intelligence.

Heaing the words of Lakshmana and having bade adieu, unto Kala, Rama soon came out and saw Atri s son. And having saluted that great and powerful ascetic he with folded hands, said "What is thine business." Hearing the words of Rama, the highly powerful Durvasa, the foremost of Munis, said.

"Hear, O Rama fond of virtue. For a thousand years I have carried on the vow of fasting. It has terminated to day, so do thou give me food as much as possible.

Hearing those words Rama was greatly delighted and gave proper food unto that ascetic. And feasting on that nectar like sweet food, Durvasa, the foremost of Rishis, thanked Rama and repaired to his own hermitage. Thereupon remembering the words of Kala, Rama was greatly sorry.

And thinking of those dreadful words he was overwhelmed with grief. And with a poorly heart, and face downwards he remained silent for some time. Thereupon thinking of Kala s words and determining that every calamity would befall him, that highly illustious descendant, of Raghus, summoned patience.

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