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In this wise the virtuous Rama having spent some time Kala, assuming the shape of an ascetic, arrived at the palace gate. And beholding the intelligent Lakshmana at the door he said: "Do thou communicate (unto Rama) that for some important business I have come here. I am the messenger of the great saint Atibala of incomparable effulgence.

O thou of great strength, for a particular business, I have come here to see Rama." Heaing the words of the great saint, Saumitri speedily went to Raghava and communicated unto him the arrival of the ascetic, saying: "O thou of great efulgence, observing the royal duties, mayst thou acquire victory in both the worlds; one ambassador radiant like the sun by virtue of his asceticism, has come here to visit thee." Hearing the words of Lakshmana Rama said: Do thou speedily bring here the highly effulgent ascetic bringing in a message.

Thereupon saying "So be it," Saumitri conducted, the effulgent ascetic unto Rama s house. And having approached Rama the foremost of Raghus, the ascetic, burning in his own energy, said to him, in sweet accents: O great king, may prosperity crown thee." And having welcomed him with water and Arghya the highly effulgent Rama asked him about his well being.

Being asked by Rama as to his welfare, that foremost of ascetics, skilled in the art of speech, sat on a golden seat. Thereupon welcoming him Rama said "Do thou communicate unto me his words by whom thou hast been sent." Being thus addressed by Rama, a lion amongst kings, the ascetic said "If dost thou wish to bring about the well being of the Devas, my earnest desire is that we may talk over it in a solitary place.

And if thou hast any regard for the words of that foremost of ascetics, do thou so order that whoever shall hear or see us, when we shall converse in a solitary place, shall be slain by thee. Thereupon Rama promised that it should be done and said to Lakshmana "O thou having long arms, sending away the warder do thou wait at the gate. When I shall talk with this ascetic in this solitary room whoever, shall hear or see us, shall be slain by me.

Having thus placed Lakshmana at the gate Rama said to that Rishi: O great saint, tell me what he has communicated unto thee. O Muni, what is thy intention and by what high souled Rishi thou hast been sent here. Tell me all this without any fear.

I have become anxious to hear it."

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