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Hearing the wonderful words of Bharata both Rama and Lakshmana were greatly delighted.

And then Rama said to Lakshmana: O Saumitri, thy two sons, Angada and Chandraketu are well versed in religions, perfectly qualified in governing the kingdom and highly powerful. I shall therefore install them on throne. O gentle one, do thou find out such a country where these two skillful archers may unobstructed roam about.

And where if a kingdom is established it might not disturb the peace and happiness of other kings." Rama, having finished his speech Bharata replied: The country of Karupada is highly picturesque and freed from all thorns. Let the city for Angada be established there.

And let the beautiful country of Chandra dyuti be the kingdom of Chandraketu." Rama approved of the words of Bharata and having brought the country of Karupada under his subjection gave it to Angada. He reared a beautiful and well protected city for Angada.

And in the country of Mallya he reared a city for Chandraketu, named Chandrakanti highly picturesque and like unto the city of Devas. Thereupon greatly delighted Rama, irrepressible in battle, Lakshmana and Bharata, having performed the ceremony of installation ordered them to go to their respective cities. Angada stated towards the West and Chandraketu towards the North.

Sumitra s son Lakshmana went with Angada and Bharata accompanied Chandraketu. Having spent a year in Angada s city and finding his son well established in the kingdom Lakshmana returned to Ayodhya. And Bharata, according to his desire, having spent more than a year in the city of Chandrakanti, came back to Ayodhya and saluted Rama s feet.

The pious Lakshmana and Bharata both the brothers, were greatly attached unto Rama; and though they spent their days in another place they did not experience any pain in consequence of separation from their sons. Observing all virtues in this way, Rama, the foremost of the pious, Bharata and Lakshmana governed the subjects for ten thousand years. Having spent their days in the city of Ayodhya, the very city of virtue, the three brothers, appearing graceful like the burning fire receiving oblations in a great sacrifice, attained to joy in the fullness of time.

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