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Hearing of the arrival of the Bharata with the army Gargya and Yudhajit, the king of Kekayas, were greatly delighted. And with a huge army they speedily went out for conquering the Gandharvas.

Thereupon the highly powerful and light armed Bharata and Yudhajit, with the soldiers and followers, arrived at the city of Gandharvas. Having heard of the coming of Bharata the highly powerful Gandharvas gathered round and sent up leonine roars. Thereupon began the battle capable of making down erect and continued for a week.

On neither side there was victory or defeat. On all sides there flowed streams of blood and there were afloat human bodies. Daggers, Saktis and bows were like the banks of the river.

Thereupon enraged Bharata, Rama s younger brother, discharged a dreadful arrow named Sangharata resembling the fire of dissolution against Gandharvas. Having bound them all with the noose of death and sundered them with Sangharata, Bharata despatched all the Gandharvas to the abode of death. Even the Devas could not recollect if such a dreadful encounter had happened before.

In a moment the huge Gandharva host was slain. After the destruction of the Gandharvas, Kaikeyi s son Bharata set up two excellent and prosperous cities in the province of Gandharva. And he placed Taksha in Takshasila and Pushkala in Pushkalavati.

Both the cities were filled with profuse riches and jewels and covered with various gardens. As for many ornaments both of them as if vied with one another. By just purchases and sales, and by the conduct of the people the cities grew highly charming.

Both of them were filled with gardens and conveyances. Rows of shops were well arranged by the streets in both the cities. Both of them were adorned with many excellent fancy articles, picturesque houses, charming palaces and many beautiful and high Tila, Tamala, Tilaka and Vakula trees.

Having reared up those two cities within five years, Rama s younger brother, the mighty armed Bharata, son of Kaikeyi, returned to Ayodhya, And like unto Vasava saluting Brahma he adored the high souled Raghava the very personation of virtue and communicated unto him duly the destruction of the Gandharvas and the establishment of the two cities. And hearing the words of Bharata, Rama attained to an excess of delight.

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