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The night being over and having invited the leading ascetics, Rama told his sons to sing the poem fearlessly.

Thereupon the high souled Rishis having taken their seats Kusa and Lava began the last portion of the Uttarakandam. Sita having entered Patala by the strength of her vow, and the sacrifice having terminated, Rama grew poorly in spirit. In Janaki s absence the whole world appeared to him as blank.

Now being overwhelmed with grief he lost all mental peace. Having conferred various gifts upon the kings, Rakshasas, Vanaras, and leading Brahmanas, Rama sent them away and meditating upon Sita s absence entered Ayodhya. And from the time of Sita s entering into Patala he did not take any other spouse.

And having made a golden image of Sita he engaged in the performance of various sacrifices. In this wise for thousand years he celebrated many Horse sacrifices, many Vajapeyas with profuse Gold, Agnisomas, Atiratras, numberless Gomedhas and various other sacrifices. Rama being engaged in governing the kingdom and performing many pious rites long time passed away.

And being under his subjection, Rikshas, Vanaras, Rakshasas and kings always aforded delight unto him. On account of showers in proper time there was enough of food in his kingdom. The quaters were pure and delightful.

The citizens and villagers were happy and healthy. None met with premature death. In fact, in his regime all calamities were removed.

Thereupon after many years, the illustrious, Kausalya, Rama s mother, surrounded by her sons and grand sons, breathed her last. Performing many pious observances Kaikeyi followed her and obtained peace in the land of immortals. Those noble ladies, being united with the king Dasaratha, in heaven, were greatly delighted and obtained all virtues.

Besides, having worshipped the deities and manes on the occasion of his father s Sraddha ceremony the high souled Rama distributed many jewels and engaged in the performance of a very difficult sacrifice. In this wise having performed many sacrifices and multiplied pieties he spent many thousand years in happiness.

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