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Sita having entered Rasatala, all the Vanaras and Rishis repeatedly eulogised her before Rama.

Stricken with sorrow and grief and lowering down his head, Rama, with eyes full of tears, face downwards, and a dejected mind, sat down. And being possessed by grief and anger and shedding tears he wept for some time and then said "My mind is about to be possessed by grief, which I had never experienced before, for in the very presence of mine the graceful Janaki, like Lakshmi herself, hath disappeared from view. Formerly, in my absence, Janaki was once carried away into the city of Lanka, on the other side of the great ocean and I brought her back ;what wonder it is that I shall get her back from Patala ?O goddess Vasudha, do thou soon bring Sita in my view, or else, worked up with fire I shall give thee the fruits of thy negligence.

Thou art my mother in law, since the royal saint Janaka obtained Sita from thy womb while cultivating thee with plough share. Do thou therefore bring back my Sita or give me a region of the Devas, I wish to live with Sita. I am beside myself for her: do thou therefore bring back Sita.

If thou dost not render back Sita unto me O Vasudha, I shall deluge the earth with waters, having assailed, destroyed and drowned into water thy huge compass with mountains and forests." Rama, having given vent to those accents under the influence of fire, the patriarch Brahma, with the consent of the Devas, said "O Rama of firm vows, O slayer of enemies, thou shouldst not grieve thus. Recollect thy former state of Vishnu and the counsels.

1 would not have reminded thee of this secret but for the present necessity. Do thou now once more remember thy birth from Vishnu. By nature, Sita is pure, chaste and ever dependent upon thee.

And by virtue of her ascetic dependance upon thee she has gone to the region of Nagas. Thou shalt again meet her in heaven. Hear, what I communicate unto thee before the assembly.

Thou shalt be informed of everything by listening to this excellent poem describing thy own actions, O hero. Valmiki has described herein all miseries and joys thou hast experienced since thy birth and what shalt happen in future after Sita s entrance ino Patala. O Rama, this first epic poem, Ramayana, has been composed describing thy works.

None but thee is worthy of the fame of this poem. O Raghava, O highly illustrious one, do thou hear with the Rishis, Uttarakandam, the last portion of this poem. O descendant of Raghu, this is not wothy of being heard by any but those who art the foremost of the royal saints.

Having said this, the deity Brahma, the lord of the three worlds, with other Devas, repaired to the region of immortals. The highsouled and the highly effulgent ascetics, living in Brahma s region, who were present in the assembly, obtaining Brahmas permission, waited there, to hear Ramas future carreer in the Uttarakandam. Hearing the words of the great Patriarch instinct with well being, the highly effulgent Rama said to Valmiki: O illustrious sir, the Rishis living in Brahmas region have grown desirous of hearing my future history.

So let it be taken up next morning." Having thus settled and taken with him Kusa and Lava and sent away the assembled people he entered his palace and spent the night mourning for Sita.

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