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After the great Rishi Valmiki had said this, Rama, on beholding the daughter of Janaka resembling a celestial, in the midst of the assembly, with folded hands, said "O great one, thou art conversant with piety. By thy words shorn of sin, I have been convinced that Janaki is of pure ways.

Still, O Brahman, what thou hast commanded shall be carried out; let Sita produce testimony of the purity of her character. Because Vaidehi formerly underwent a trial in the city of Lanka before the Devas I brought her home. O Brahman, vilification of the people is very powerful.

Although I know that Janaki has not been touched by any sin still I have renounced her. Do thou therefore forgive me. I know that these twin brothers Kusa and Lava are my sons.

Yet if Janaki gives evidence of her own purity before the assembly I shall be greatly satisfied." Being apprised of Rama s intention as to Sita s trial the Devas all came there on the occasion. The Adityas, Vasus, Rudras, Viswadevas, Maruts, Sadhyas, Siddhas, Nagas and Rishis placing Brahma before them, all came there.

And beholding the Devas and Rishis assembled there Rama again said to Valmiki "O foremost of Munis, the words, of the high souled Rishis, are divested of sin; therefore on thy words only I shall consider Sita as having pure ways. Still all have come here being anxious to witness Sita s trial. I shall therefore be greatly delighted if janaki gives in before them any testimony of her pure character.

As soon as those words were uttered, sweet, fragrant, cold air, the witness of virtue and vice, blowing mildly, excited the joy of the assembly. People, hailing from various countries, with all attention began to witness this wondrous and unthought of event. In the golden age only the celestial wind used to blow and it now blew even in the Treta Yuga and forsooth it was a matter of exceeding surprise.

Thereupon beholding all people assembled there, Janaka s daughter, wearing a red cloth, with her face and looks downwards and folded palms said "I have never thought of any other person in my mind but Rama; by the strength of this vitue let the goddess Vasundhara give me room. I have always with my mind, body and words prayed for Rama s well being and by vitue hereof may the goddess Vasundhara give me room in her womb." As soon as Sita swore in this wise a wonderful incident took place.

From inside the earth a celestial and excellent throne rose up. It was carried on head by the Nagas of unmitigated prowess, having celestial persons and adorned with celestial jewels and ornaments. Having stretched out her arms and taken Maithili, the goddess earth welcomed her and placed her on the throne.

And while seated on the throne she was entering the earth, she was covered with the continued showers of celestial flowers. Eulogising her at that time, the Devas said "Oh I highly praisewothy is thy conduct, O Sita." Being present in the welkin and beholding Sita enter into the Earth, the Devas again and again eulogised her in various words.

The Rishis, kings and other leading men present in the sacificial arena repeatedly expressed their surprise. Beholding Sita s censure thus removed all animals, animate or inanimate, either on earth or in the sky, were greatly delighted. Some cried aloud in joy, some remained silent, and some motionless espied Rama or Sita.

In this wise beholding Sita s entrance into the Earth the ascetics were greatly delighted. They all attaining to the same state of mind, the whole universe, for a moment, was possessed with the state of equality.

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